Oberon Trails

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By Pete B - Posted on 19 September 2014

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I'm staying in Oberon for the weekend in just over a months time and was going to take the bike.
What trails are there in the area?

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you can do the Kanangra classic course?

not a lot of technical riding but it is an amazing piece of Australia.

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Sounds great, do you have gps trace of it?

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It's really pretty out there, was my first mtb race, though doing the 50km run the day before didn't help.

Here is a really good map of the course.

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Sounds more and more interesting but unfortunately no link attached, Gareth

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i went camping there with some mates last year. Please tell me the course goes along the plateau?

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That's great.

Thanks Smiling

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There are a lot of options. Mt Low, There was some stuff on Bindo but I'm not sure if it got logged. Hapton, Jenolan state forest. 6 foot track from black range looping out the lowther fire trail/// Massive area to explore

Talk the the guys from the van park, they are keen riders

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Thanks for the heads up Flynny, I'll have a couple of newbies with me so if there's some singletrack even if short would be good to keep their interest.

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Isn't Rydal just around the corner?

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Rydal isn't that far away 15-20 min mt York, lithgow and bathurst about the same maybe a little further
Rydal is perfect for beginners 12km of single track with lots of short cut options and you're never more than a short cruz down the middle fire trail from the car

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That sounds perfect, I'll let you know how I get on.

Thanks, everyone

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