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Evocities XC series 2015

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By Pete B - Posted on 24 September 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Sounds like an interesting series.

Would you travel the 3+ hours for this when there's already the Chocfoot and Rocky Trail series?

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.. it's mostly much flatter out there!!!

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How come it says abc news 2013? Also, did you notice the name of the reporter

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I did notice the 2013 reference but the date at the top is todays.
What's wrong with the reporters name?

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was from 2013. It's probably not such a big story to warrant a whole new photograph to depict what a mountain bike looks like....

What interests me is the amount of sponsorship. $35.00, $3,500.00 or $35,000.00? Hard to tell, for me, from the article.

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Yeah I thought the 35,00 was a bit weirded. Re the name, Trail reporting on a mtb story

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Jim Trail used to be on JJJ. I remember him talking about mtbing a few times on the radio.

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He used to report for Cycling central also.
He's a keen Mtb'er.

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$35,000 I think, is the amount being talked about.

What I find interesting about the series is that the events are all individual and have different formats and lengths. One is a 12 hour, I think one is a 3 hour.

Most of the rounds have been running independently for a few years already.

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Don't expect flat at the Ginja Ninja 250 in Orange Eye-wink

Here's some random guy's strava trace of 2013's track:

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Tough but doable.

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