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Solo or Partner up? Wylde 4hr

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 12 October 2014

I'm trying to decide if I should attempt the 4hr solo or find a partner to team up with for a pairs race. Heading there today for a couple of trial laps.

If I was to take it on solo, what is your nutrition recommendation for this 4 hour.

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If your contemplating solo then go solo Tim

I was going to do a team with my son this year but he wants to go solo, crazy kid.

For 4 hours, nutrition is most easily dealt with by gels alone and a quality electrolyte drink but make sure you have plain filtered water at transition as well.

Wylde will be a tough track, if you plan to really dig in use the 1g of carb per kg of bodyweight an hour rule but make sure you don't go over it.

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If you want proper nutrition advice, then listen to Steve.
If you want some crazy half arsed nutrition plan then I'm your man.... My last race (Back Yamma 100) nutrition consisted of a stale jam sandwich, about 5 pieces of dehydrated mango, a handful of the strawberry square thingo's that are mainly sugar, 2 bottles of strong staminade and 2 bottles of water. Oh and also 6 gels in flasks diluted with some water.
For the 4hr I will probably start with a double lap then grab a bottle a lap of half strength staminade, I'll have 4-6 gels, some choc chip cookies and maybe another stale sandwich.
Make sure you don't have too much staminade or similar as it will upset your stomach. You don't need as much sugar as you think - stick to foods you can eat easily and keep the water up.

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