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Refunds from Cape to Cape

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By Edza - Posted on 30 January 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Anybody had any problems getting refunds from Cape to Cape people? I had to withdraw my application to ride due to injury and was advised I would get a refund up to 60 days from completion of ride, which has well and truly passed.I email them, no reply...I call and get advised it will be in the bank..but no cigar. Riding this year, not likely....

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That puts it closer to 90 days?
I guess with Christmas holidays etc you gotta ask if the extra month is unreasonable.

I understand a lot of work goes into these events, but it's not a charity. You pay good money to ride, and IF, IF you are entitled to a refund, 60 days is a lot to wait, IMHO.

Call them and say "look, Ive waited a long time for my refund. A refund I am entitled to according to you. If the money isn't in my account by Friday next week, I'll be contacting my bank and claiming credit card fraud (assuming you paid by CC), and lodging an official complaint with Consumer Protection."

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About 2 years ago. I did eventually get 75% of my money back, after hassling for 9 months+. Got lots of excuses, but eventually the money did appear in my account. My advice would be to get a free entry to next years event if you are going to ride it, it's more cost effective and heaps easier.

One other option might be to get a free entry for next years event and then transfer it to someone else who is willing to pay you for it, probably only works if C2C people allow that sort of thing and you have mates who want an entry and are prepared to go through a few hoops.

Good luck.

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The C2C guys outsourced rego to an Eastern States mob for a while now.

Being friends with a few of the Buzz Marketing people I have heard that even they have problems with them. I got a freebie after I had already registered and as Moose said I was advised to get an entry for the next race as opposed to getting my paid rego refunded and then sorting out the freebie.

Have used that freebie already for this year. but it did take a few prompts from me and my Buzz friends to get it sorted in the end.

I would keep trying, as it is your money and the C2C people do help as much as they can.

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Thanks for your feedback in regards this...pretty sad state of buisness isn't it..plenty of it going on I am sure. Cheers!!

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