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Mini DH Rydal. #9

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By Flynny - Posted on 19 March 2015

Note that this ride is Cancelled.
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Tuesday, 24 March, 2015 (All day)
1 hours
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I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Lidsdale state Forest, North of Rydal and south of the highway.

From the highway come into Rydal, cross the train tracks and take a left before the Pub (Showground signposted.)

Go Straight up passed the showground buildings (Optional Car park) and turn left onto the Bicentennial National Trail. Follow this until you get to a T intersection and go Left up a snotty little hill and then Right (Optional Car park)

Follow this out for about 3km. There is another optional car park about 1km before the worst of the mud holes/

Park at the clearing before the road heads steeply down on the left.


OK Back in the day... well, just 4 years ago really, we use to run mini DH of a Tuesday afternoon before XC and I've been wanting to start that back up as it got both sides of the the club together for a bit of fun as well as offering a bit more of a regular thing for the DH riders and a good light option for beginners.

Trails like Acid Bomb and Fordy's were modified sections of the XC loop. They weren't that steep or Technical but were a bit of fun.

We've got something Similar out the back of the Rydal Loop, It's actually a bit steeper and fast. We'll be looking at around mid 40s for the winners I reckon with a 3 minute push back up the road.

It will be $5 for club members. $10 for non members + day license fees.
I need to keep things tight so I can make it back to the show ground for the start of XC and timed runs will start a 5pm on the dot. You will need to have at least 1 practice run prior to that. so get there early to rego and practice.

Rather than set up proper timing gates we'll try webscorer which just runs off a couple of smartphones/tablets. If there are people willing to help time that would be great. It will be the best of 2 runs and I'm willing to sit out a run to time the other.

Trying something new this week. Meet at the top of the showground, behind the sheds

Anyway it should be a bit of fun. The tester went well so it will now be weekly until we loose the light

DH helmets are compulsory Yeah yeah I know it's part of the xc loop and they ride it just as quick but because of how it's timed we have to wear full face helmets, until I can confirm how the enduro crowd get away with using open face.

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Lots of water on the trails and it's still drizzling on and off so no mini Dh tonight

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