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Evocities MTB Series Rnd 3 - Winter's Edge XC

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By Bize - Posted on 01 June 2015

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First up, I have to say that racing at Bathurst was a different experience. There were actually spectators and even cowbells and horns.

Secondly, this is a pretty cool track. Fast and flowing. The venue also has a velodrome and apparently there are plans to build a BMX track too.

Ok, so the race. . .

I found this race hard. I'm not talking about the physical effort so much, but the mental game. I think I had already "lost" this race in my head before I left the house in the morning. It was cold and I just couldn't get excited (or nervous) about the race. Into lap 1 I was already thinking about going home.

I had a brief stint where I was riding with someone else and that reinvigorated me, but they took a B line when I took an A and I left them behind and I was alone again, able to talk myself out of riding. I took a break after the third lap (not really needing one) and in the last hour I even went as far as running the clock down a little hoping that the 4 hours would be past before I crossed the line, so I wouldn't have to go another lap.

I had to resort to the "finish what you started" argument to get myself moving again and in the end I did six laps. In reality I shouldn't be upset with six laps, as it's only 3 less than the winners, but I was aiming for seven and looking back, I still believe seven laps would have been plausible for me. I still had the legs (they were tired, but not finished). I just didn't have the mental fortitude I guess.

So right now, I'm hoping I've learnt something (about racing and about myself) that will improve my riding/results in the future Smiling

Also I have to remind myself that I'm doing all this for fun (so chill the fuck out) and that I'm probably doing alright considering my age and the amount of time I've been doing this.

Here's to the next race.

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You did alright mate considering your mindset going in. It was great to see another WSMTB jersey racing out west.

We all need to remind ourselves of your quote sometimes.

"Also I have to remind myself that I'm doing all this for fun (so chill the fuck out)"

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Thanks Stephen.

There was at least three of us wearing the WSMTB colours and yeah, it is cool to see them. Although I'm a relatively new member so have only actually met a couple of members so far.

Actually, while we haven't actually been introduced, we've been on the same Bikeminded Shop rides a couple of times.

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