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Destruction of Chicken Run Trails by Crown Lands.

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By moggio - Posted on 23 June 2015

Chicken Run destruction part2

Yesterday bulldozers went in unannounced on the Chicken Run trails and started destroying them in a pretty brutal manner, not only to the trails but to the surrounding bushland.

Having contacted council they said they have nothing to do with this. This section of land is Crown Land and manged by Crown Land.

I have contacted Crown Lands and I am waiting on further information from them on what triggered this action.

Chicken Run destruction

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I'm still seething. Will send something to Crown Lands tonight, but also would love to hear what BMCC are doing to support BMORC and the mountain biking community to stop the destruction of these tracks

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BMCC aren't going to do anything. Council and Crown Land are completely separate entities.

So unless a council decides to become a trustee of some crown land then they have seemingly as much influence as we do which is nothing. Further this land is going to Land Council so that adds another degree of separation.

Talking to the person at Crown Lands they had absolutely no idea about what mtb trails entail, just that they are unauthorised, were reported and are being removed. Just inflexible bureaucracy at work.

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