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Shimano M785 bleeding kit

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By Flux_mtb - Posted on 12 February 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hello guys,

Any suggestions on full bleeding kit for shimano xt (2012- on) brakes? also taking into ccount price with shipping to Australia. What are you using?

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I just use the standard Shimano kit - comes with all the bits you need including the Shimano mineral oil. Might be cheaper and/or universal options out there but I bought the Shimano version because I knew it would work.

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Same as above, stick to the proper kit. It's about $40 from your LBS from memory.

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The essential kit is the funnel and hose IMO, and then get a syringe from the chemist.
Heaps of youtube videos to guide you.
It's a relatively easy job to do.

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Thats true, but as I know the standard shimano kit (TL-BT03) lacks pads spacer, which is essential.

Did a lot of research on various brake kits and prices, but so far have two options:

1. Shimano original kit (which is around 30$ + 10$ shipping)
2. Epic bleeding kit ( which costs the same, but has some extra partsand also performs well.

So was wondering if I missed any other kits which might include brake spacer..perhaps not..

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I might save on just buying funnel separately + syringe from chemist, but were do I get the right hose? since don't wanna buy it with small bottle of shimano oil for ~15$

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It's just standard flexible tube, same stuff is used for fish tanks and fuel lines etc

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