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WWS 2008 Round 5 Yarramundi

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By leximack - Posted on 29 June 2008

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Sunday, 27 July, 2008 - 08:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Yellomundee Regional Park

Next round of WWS at yarramundi.
Hoping to make it there in a 2 man team (or as it were last time a 1.5man team)
see for more details

Who's in?
Rob, alchemist, Whisperer, davis_jnr, evan, GAZZA, Bruce, leximack, Steve 01, Carlgroover, Sly, Mick, Greggos, Eyeball (14 riders)
Rob alchemist Whisperer davis_jnr evan GAZZA Bruce leximack Steve 01 Carlgroover Sly Mick Greggos Eyeball
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Rob Chilly & Steaming at Yellomundee

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Didn't have this one on the radar till late!

Unfortunately will not be able to make this.

Have fun guys!

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still 4 weekends away loz, plenty of time to reschedule.
Surely your hair and/or nails can wait till the weekend after Eye-wink

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I like this course I think a solo entry might be the go its only 8 hours.

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I'll be there with Debbie and possibly Mathius. If Mathius's back is still crook we'll be looking for a third rider who doesn't mind not being at the pointy end of the field.
See you there.

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Groover, Steve01 and Whisperer are in for another crack in mixed masters 3s.
3rd place last time at Killingworth in mixed masters class, and first 'masters' team home. (there wasn't a masters only 3's team).
Fairly high bar to reach again, but we're motivated (Steve's actually been training for this one!), and look forward to keeping the other 'junior' teams honest...

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Don't mind this track. Could have my arm twisted for this one.
Anyone else ?


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This comment has been moved here.

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So how does one enter this race if the online component is down?

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There will be a lot of phone calls and emails today as the WSMTB crew pull a rabbit out of the hat.

Hopefully we'll see something mid week.


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By all accounts the course is sweet!

evan's picture

Doing the race solo.. been hanging around the wrong crowd again

Cyas there


Damien's picture

Not mad but cant do the race got to much on my plate at the moment.

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There will be large screen projector set up at the WWS course at Yellomundee tonight to watch Cadel kick butt in the Tour de France, everyone is welcome to come and join in the celebration of the tour and you can camp there tonight and race tomorrow if you wish. I'll be there with a beer!
John. Smiling

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Hi All,
Groover has set up an area at the race for the NobMob team.
Go to regestration tent, go right and down the track 130 paces.
It is on the right, big tarp and his white commodore wagon.

Cars can be brought in by going through the car park, straight ahead, don't veer to thethe parking areas on the right, continue down a small grassy track to the left, about 100 m past registration.
It will be easy to figure out once you have walked in to the tarp area.

See you there!

GAZZA's picture

ive forgotten to bring my air nozzle with me for my compressed air tyre inflator! i have the cannisters of air but just need a nozzle. has anyone got a spare i could borrow for tomorrow? if not, has anyone got a spare mini pump? Sad

Little-Ditty's picture

Do you want me to give you my mini floor pump that I have in my Camelbak?

Little-Ditty's picture

All sorted now. Silly Gazza will be borrowing one. Eye-wink

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did anyone clear the 2nd techy climb, i could ride the first one (if no-one got in the way) but a few attempts of the 2nd climb resulted in me being on my backside each time.
Anyone get up it cleanly?


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Got up it with one dab, but it sounds like I was trying the wrong line (left hand side was the go)

Rob's picture

Yeah, first was fine with a clear line (as I wrote - took 5 laps to find that!) but second too hard.

I was talking to a guy in CBD at lunch who told me they put rocks all over the correct (read: easy - I'm sure someone would get up here!) line on the second tech climb because of erosion.

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Rode like scalded cats for 8 hrs and hit the podium once again, in an even higher place than last time to grab 2nd place in 3'S Masters mixed team in a race where only a few minutes separated the top 3 teams, Gazza and Evan went solo with Gaz doing consistent laps all day and Evan doing a lap when he saw fit. Sammy Davis and Rob lapped all day in pairs but missed out on a podium finish in a very competitive category Eye-wink Thanks all for a great day.

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