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Andos+Hazo(+Oaks?) 6th July

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By LadyToast - Posted on 04 July 2008

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Sunday, 6 July, 2008 - 09:30

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

6 hours
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If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Hazelbrook train station


Starting at Hazelbrook train station get the 9:58 train up to Wentworth Falls. Ride down Andos and grin like maniacs. I've not done Hazelbrook before but Carlgroover has offered to be our guide for that bit. In the unlikely event we still have the legs then we could ride down The Oaks and get the train back to Hazelbrook train station. That would make it a very full day.

Hoping to make this a training ride, so not that many stops. That said I don't plan on riding up from Andersons Creek, and I have a cold (boo hoo). This will also be the first ride on my new bike so factor in the odd minute for track side tweaks.

Who's in?
Carlgroover, lozza6, LadyToast, Supagav, Critty
Carlgroover lozza6 LadyToast Supagav Critty
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just to see your bike!!! Laughing out loud

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About what time do you think you will finish riding Anderson's and reach Hazelbrook?

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I'm guessing it would take about 2 hours, perhaps less, so around midday-ish.

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Urgh - This cold is getting worse. Just letting you know that my pace might not be as full on as I was hoping Sad

Still have every intention of going though, I'll keep you all posted.

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Yeah man, don't kill yourself. The temperature won't be above 10 degrees C so make sure you dress warmly. If you decide to make this a social ride instead of a training ride, let me know and I'll join you for the first half Smiling

Anyway, I hope you get a bit better by tomorrow.

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SupaGav and myself, being early risers and super athletes have decided there is ample time to do a gentle 30km ride up Andos before you guys get started, so don't wait for us at Hazelbrook Station, we'll meet you at Wentworth Falls probably sipping a latte. Smiling
Cheers John.

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Sure thing John. I'm still down with this cold but am determined to get the ride in. Where will you be in Wentworth Falls? Can we meet you at the station?


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Hey meet at the station.

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had a great ride today! May take it a bit easier on the commute to work tomorrow Sticking out tongue

Thanks for organising Dylan and John as always you were a superb guide!


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Yeah that was a good ride eh? Glad we all made it up Andos for a start. Those trails around Lawson are so sweet, that last single just finished me off.. brilliant.

Arpit did you get any more riding in? It looked like we just missed the rain when we left.

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Yeah, it was pissing down on the way home...

I was wondering did the heavens open up just to give your Yeti a wash? It did stay uncannily clean all day until that massive moment into the mud bath! Shocked

Yeah Arpit, I hope you didn't get too wet!

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Thanks again for the ride, guys!

I got wet, but not from any rain! I love those puddles.

I drove around the Lawson/hazelbrook/woodford area hunting for places to photograph. I drove my car down what was marked on the map as a 'rough dirt road'. There were warning signs on the track that it wasn not suitable for low clearance vehicles, and was not maintained by the council.

I drove down it slowly. There were big ruts which I had to keep the car on top of, so that was a bit tricky (Falling in the ruts would have been bad), but the only problem I had was the bike rack getting beached on a water bar, even though I went over it at an angle. Giving the car a bit of throttle plowed it through the water bar, so everything was fine. I ended up just parking the car after about 10km and going on by bike. It was much faster, and a lot more fun. I got a good ride in, finding some other 4wd tracks not marked on the map. Some bits of the tracks became very boggy , with some thick mud. Just the way I like it. The car managed the boggy bits fine though, without any wheelspin, ( I took a different, rougher track to get out), much to the surprise of some bushwalkers. I don't think they expected to see a vehicle, let alone a sedan, on the track.

The ride I got in just could not compare, however, to the beautiful singletrack we did. I just loved railing the corners in the junkyard. I was a bit sketchy in the top track at first, but halving the tyre pressure in my front tyre got rid of the understeer I was experiencing, and really let me go for it.

As I promised, here is the photograph I took:

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Thanks for the pic arpit, I can change my profile pic now Smiling

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Thanks for posting the ride Dylan, I really enjoyed the day and thanks for the ride on your new bike it felt very nice and I now have Yeti envy.

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