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These are the main legal rides that currently exist in the Blue Mountains.

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Currently a lot of mountains riding is on fire trails, some good for beginners with great scenery while others great for an all day slog with big, rough descents. A few locations have single track, some of which are terrific rides, often very technical and demanding.

Riding in the mountains can result in some locations having huge descents, but on the flip side, this will mean huge climbs too!!!

As a lot of this information comes from being shared with the database on NobMob we will be trying to update these where appropriate with some more local knowledge.

Like anywhere a lot of these trails can be shared with bushwalkers so give way at all times! Also please make sure you take your rubbish out with you. Be quite and park in suitable locations when near residential areas.

....and finally look out for the Black Panther, the Yowie and of course the UFO landing base.. who said riding is boring up here!!!!

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