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Tuff one

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By Flynny - Posted on 04 October 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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2011-12 CTMBC Twilight #3
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A grade (3 laps)
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Top race tonight.
The new section Richard cut in on the weekend was interesting and will definitely be a nice addition once it beds in.. Over all I think the track was the grippiest it's been. The rain over the weekend done it a world of good.

I got off to an OK start but it didn't take Beggsie long to round me up and push the pace. I tried my best to stay with him but he was riding like a demon. Brett was on my heals too and at the first fire road climb he blew past like I was standing still.

I manage to get back on their wheel by the bottom of the single trail but blew up big time on that nasty little climb up towards the car park. I dropped my bundle a bit and they had a good lead coming into timing for the first time.

They put a bit more of a gap into me as I tried to recover and I felt I was going backwards. Then I could see Paul or Dukes gaining from behind so thought I better have a go or else I'd slip back more places.

I dug in and to my surprise I started making ground again on Brett and Peter and I started to think If i could catch them by the end of the lap and do my best to stay with them up the climb I might be a chance.

Somehow I was back on their wheel at the bottom of the single trail, determined to hold Peters wheel up the climb. I'm not sure what happened but I not only stayed with him but as it leveled out I was able to pass and round up Brett Too.

We pushed hard up the start straight and I could see the others right on my shoulder as we went over the first waterbar. I dug deep and almost blew up again but just felt if I could get to the single trial in the lead I'd be able to control the pace.

We went down past timing and I had the lead but the thudding of my heart in my ears was almost deafening.
My only solace was I could hear Brett breathing hard too and Peter dropped off after washing out.

I got a little gap down the back end of the course but Brett was surging. I hit the fire road with pretty much everything i had and hoped it was enough. Into the single trail and little errors were creeping in and I found myself running wide and washing off speed and couple of times, how I didn't tangle up in a tree on one of the left hander I still don't know, I certainly closed my eyes in preparation for the impact...

Anyway I survived the descent by good luck more than good riding and was looking over my shoulder.. I'd got a reasonably gap, which was good as I barely limped up the start hill and into the single trail to roll down over the table top and take the win.

Good close racing. Awesome night. Good beer afterwards,

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