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Gritty litle track tonight

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By Flynny - Posted on 11 October 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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2011-12 CTMBC Twilight #4
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A grade (3 laps)
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Tuff little one tonight, and a bit longer than I had thought.

The new section "The Dump" worked well. Lincon and Steve have done a bang up job designing that bit adding that little bit of gnarliness to the over all trail.

I got excited each time we came into it. Woohoo down the high speed start, then I'd groan as the muddy bit ground things down. Then Woohoo as you drop into the next bit, Then Groan as you hit the hill.

Tonights course didn't give much chance to catch a breath but once it drys out it should be one sweet section.

I got off to an Ok start and tucked in behind poppo on the run up towards the show ground. Barnsie got around me and we had a bit of cat and mouse before he ducked into the single trail just infront of me.

I heard a click click, and poppo or barnsie said something about a flash and I look back to see paul lying on the side of the trial with his camera, I hadn't even seen him...

Brett was on my wheel again and ready to ride over the top of me. I blew up again on the first real climb and brett went around me and I watched the 3 of them put a good gap into me.

I tried to settle into a rhythm but Beggsie and Richard weren't far behind so I couldn't rest up too much.

Lap 2 I started to feel good and settled into a nice pace.

Laps 3 I got my groove on and had a dig and was able to pull back Barnsie, who seemed to be struggling after his week off up the coast, and then was able to catch brett at the show ground.

I got around him but couldn't get away from him.

We hit the 4th lap pretty hard. Every now and then I'd give a little kick and sprint off but each time he'd reel me back in. I could only hope he was hurting as much as me.

Lap 5 and I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold the pace when suddenly I hear "Oh" whack whack whack. Brett had put a stick through his tyre. My luck was in.

Have to say the climb up the hill for the last time was considerably slower with out the big fella on my wheel waiting to pounce.

Poppo was well and truly in the lead and I crossed the line in second.

All in all a fun but brutal version of the trail

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