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Knapsack Build Day on the 8th December

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By moggio - Posted on 11 December 2012

It was a really busy and frantic day where we had a lot of teams working on various features on the trail as well as continuing work on the rehab. Despite the heat, and thanks to Todd's care with providing water, we managed to get a lot done. All in all the area looks very different to what it was as a muddy turning area and few old eroding fire trails! In a year or two as growth returns this will be a really nice spot!

It was a great turnout and great to have a lot of new faces there including some of the younger DH riders. I think from these build days we have learnt a lot of skills and ability for managing and maximising results.

Thanks to Trish and council for getting the materials in place and providing guidance and support.

So next year we hope to have some volunteer labor for the contractor section of the DH trail as well as some XC related work. This will all need to be still finalised.

Some more pics here

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