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Back to Back Yamma

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By Lach - Posted on 25 August 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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2013 Back Yamma Bigfoot - Parkes/Eugowra
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After missing last year's event, I headed out to the Back Yamma State Forest on Saturday for another go round on this country track. Camped overnight at the event centre - plenty of space and no restrictions on campfires makes for a great camping experience there. Had a short spin on Saturday arvo to free up the legs after a few hours in the car and then lined up Sunday morning for the 50 km version.
From the start chute, there is about 1.4km of double track to get the field sorted out a bit, and then into the single track. Had a pretty good first half, with only one loose moment when I got too high on one of the little berms and got into the loose stuff, crossed up a bit and speared off into the scrub. No stumps just there, so I was able to get back on track without dropping any places. Was averaging over 20 kmph at the 25 km mark, so felt I was on track for my target 2.5 hrs, particularly as the first half had the only climb I could remember from two years ago.
However, the back half had a lot of new single track and a few gentler but longer switchback climbs and I couldn't keep the pace up. Capped it off with a tumble into the mud on the last creek crossing when I took the wrong line after working hard to catch a group of riders that had been tantalisingly close for a few km's. Couldn't get back onto them in the short run from there to the finish.
Managed 12th in Supermasters and had places 7-11 all within 2 minutes in front. An improvement on 2011 as well, although the track was different. Last year 2:34 won Supermasters, so it looks like quite a few of the older generation came out of the woodwork this year!
Anyway, a great track and a great weekend, so planning to be back next year.

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