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Oaks Trail incl singletrack Sat 15 May?

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By hawkeye - Posted on 10 May 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm thinking of organising a ride in the easy direction next Saturday morning early. Haven't done it before and my usual ride partner is tied up with work over the weekend.

I hear there are a couple of - ahem! - interesting corners on the fire road descent to catch the unwary. If anyone is up for playing the role of guide, it would be most excellent to have along at least one familiar face who knows the trail, especially the entrance to the singletrack, which is supposed ot be one of the best bits. Smiling

Let me know if you're interested and I'll post it up.

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I could be up for it.

What time you thinking?

Trains out of Glenbrook at 7:23 and 8:53 (amended timetable due to trackwork).

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will just check what my wife has planed but pencil me in for now

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Sounds good to me if it's in the morning. The Oaks on a Saturday morning is my specialty.

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But I'm saving my legs for Sunday 8hr with my brother

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Thanks for the heads up on the amended timetable, herzog.

What times would you prefer? I'm thinking earlier is better, but am open to what works for the majority.

Edit: Does the trackwork affect the section between Woodford and Glenbrook?

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No apparently the outage is from Central to Blacktown on the Blue Mts Line. West of Blacktown they are running.

So as long as everyone can get themselves to Glenbrook its ok.

Here's the link with more info:

I'd have to say the 8:53 probably works better for me. This would get into Woodford about 9:20 or so, and the ride would arrive back in Glenbrook by 11.

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8.53 that is

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Coming from Wenty Falls
So will meet you all at Woodford station
And leave you at the bottom before the causeway and ride back up to my car at W'ford

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Will post up the ride tonight.

Be good to catch up with you Blooty, it's been awhile.

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Got this of rotorburn:

Just a heads up that according to today's Sydney Morning Herald, the Oaks Fire Trail will be closed for a few days days while the Firies undertake a hazard reduction burn off. If you're wondering what all the smoke in the city is today - that is your answer.

If you're planning on heading out that way - you better check with the authorities first.


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Just saw this:

National Parks Blue Mountains regional manager Geoff Luscombe said unusually warm weather would allow authorities to burn more than 2500 hectares.

"This late warm weather has created a window of opportunity for us to get this important burn done and we’re taking full advantage," Mr Luscombe said.

"The 2507-hectare burn will be conducted south of the Woodford-Oaks fire trail, and as a result the trail will be closed to mountain bikers and bushwalkers for the duration of the burn – approximately four to five days."

What's the Plan B if it doesn't reopen in time, maybe Linden Ridge?

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Created an update here:

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... I tell you! First my shoulder. Then the heavy rain Feb/March. Now this! Maybe I should let someone else organise it! Eye-wink

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Just read the article

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Parks site says this:

The Woodford-Oaks Trail will be CLOSED for a prescribed burn on the 11th & 12th May.

Hopefully reopen in time for Sat, esp with the cold change coming thru tonight.

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Unless they have been burning north to south today, the predicted southerly winds tonight will probably blow the fire towards W2G? Hope they know what they are doing....

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It says it is only closed on the 11th and 12th May.

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I might be up for this.

Trains out of Glenbrook at 7:23 and 8:53 (amended timetable due to trackwork).

Herzog. Those times you quoted are the time they arrive at Woodford. They leave Glenbrook at 6:53 or 8:23 to arrive at Woodford 7:23 or 8:54.

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No, those are the normal timetable times. This Sat they depart 30 mins later than the timetable due to trackwork as I mentioned.

Or at least that's how I interpreted the Cityrail notice at the link earlier in the thread.

Also, Parks site now saying this:

The Woodford-Oaks Trail will be CLOSED for a prescribed burn until Sat 15th May.

Does that mean it reopens Sat?

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I read it as a note (for regular travellers) they had amended the time table but looking at next Saturday the times are the same (with no track work) so I guess we do add 30 minutes to the time table.

As for the National Park I would read that as being open on the 15th but then again I couldn't read the time table so don't listen to me Smiling

It's just all too confusing.

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I'll ring the Npws office in Blackheath tomorrow to confirm.

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hawkeye's picture

Is the singletrack/tech section at the end open to bikes? What's the official status of this section of trail?

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closed until Saturday 15th
That would mean Saturday is OK?

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Single track at the end is all legal.

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"That would mean Saturday is OK?"

That's my interpretation too.

I just rang Blackheath to get confirmation, but got the answering machine. I'll call again later.

Regarding Hawkeye's singletrack question, yeah it's all fully approved and has the little bike signs like Loftus and Linden singletracks.

There's even a MTB code of practice sign at the start, which is a good idea.

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They are due to assess the Oaks tomorrow and it's expected to be reopened some time tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday should be fine, but they suggested checking the website again tomorrow.

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Yes - the sniggle bottom of the Oaks (the bit that runs parallel to the firetrail and comes out at the second bend in the road on the climb North) is actually legal.

If you saw my other post about writing to the minister, etc. don't forget to ask why it is that sniggle here is legal (and sniggle in RNP, and Glenrock, and Thredbo, and several other NPWS managed areas) and yet we can't have legal single track in the parks of Northern Sydney?

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Hey Andy, if you are turning around at the end of the single track and riding back to Woodford, how long would this take roughly. Fiona might drop me at Woodford and meet me back at Woodford depending how long it would take me to get back.

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When I did it just the other week
It took me 2 hours on the return
I expect that this time won't be any quicker, could be slower
As I need to save myself for a tech fest the next day
Plus, that's how long it takes me anyway

On that new hunk of carbon bling of yours
You could knock half an hour off of that (or more)

Send Fiona up to Leura if you have any money left
She'll be able to 'spend' a few hours there for sure

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Cheers. My hunk of carbon is in at the shop and unless its ready tomorrow (which I doubt) I'll be on the Trance.

As for money, I keep getting these plastic cards sent to me from the banks which is great. Does anyone know if you have to pay it back Sticking out tongue

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It's a Cannondale

And that's just plastic play money
Go and enjoy it

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Assuming the track reopens later today, are we going ahead with this ride?

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I'm keen if you are getting the 8:53am train as I plan on being dropped off at Woodford at 9:30am and can meet you at the Woodford station or at the trail head on Taylor road.

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Some buddies were wanting to do the earler train, but given the early morning temperatures in the mountains and the long downhill mid-ride, I reckon the later start time is eminently more sensible!

So subject to getting a Green from NPWS, the ride will proceed.

I have a situation I need to deal with - if someone would like to post the ride on the above basis I'd be grateful.

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Yes the later train is much better. Post it up then Smiling

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I'll do it now.

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