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Blue Mountains Gazette meet with BMORC riders to gauge reaction to the Knapsack Reserve development

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By Kingy - Posted on 01 July 2010

The BMORC crew were out in force flying the flag for those that were stuck in an office somewhere or working hard at it in the daily grind.
Michael Clegget form BMG was punctual as were the attendees Michael Hampson, Matt Lees my self and Brian Hanlon.
A quick chat to pick up on our positivity on securing the site for Downhill and cross country use and we were off up the hill to peruse the downhill track, we spoke of the benefits of trail conservation and highlighted our desire to establish a code of conduct for riders which would seek to remove any user conflict in the reserve in the event that we encounter bush walkers or dog walkers on the trail.
A few quick sanps and we departed all full of positivity.
Big thanks to the Blue Mountains Gazette for dedicating so much time to the mountain bikers, good to have a community focused paper that cares for residents like they do Smiling

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Thanks guys for getting out there... just couldn't afford the time today.

The Gazette has been a really great ally to be sure.

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Good article and picture in the Gazette. Geez those mtbers are good looking blokes!

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Would you buy a used car (bike?) from this bloke?

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$24K? Whoa. Any ideas on how this money is to be allocated? I mean most of the trails I've had the fortune of being involved with, didn't have this sort of funding behind them. (Del Rio, Kurrajong MTB Park). With this sort of backing, hopefully we'll be able to build a really nice run. Really looking forward to it.

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I was under the impression that it was around $12,000. Maybe I should listen better.

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A big chunk of change!

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12 k is materials, labour 12 k Staff admin etc...fine print is in the council minutes and the Draft Plan of management still very nice comittment from the council

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I reckon we could build a cable tow for that sorta cashola Smiling

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Lots of heli Drops lol

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Having gone through the official track approval thing most of the funding gets sucked up with studies, reports and the like

Flora and fauna studies can be around $4k
We're just about to commission a soil and sediment control plan that will cost us the better part of $7K and then we have to implement it's findings.

Signage takes up a chunk and any staff time used in reports and meetings will most likely be billed to the project as well as time in motion needs to be justified.

It's just the price of doing everything by the book and above board.

State mine cost us about $500 in beer and BBQs. Would have gladly spent the extra money to ensure the "t"s were crossed and the "i"s were dotted and it ensure we didn't loose it like we did

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