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Erosion and sediment control workshop at Yellomundee- Saturday 14th August 2010.

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By The Brown Hornet - Posted on 09 July 2010


A mate has passed on this info to see if some volunteers can turn up. It's an Erosion and Sediment control workshop that will be run by Nick (Bowman?) from IMBA. The date and times I've been given are Saturday August 14th from 0830-1400 hrs. BBQ and ride time after.

It's free and would be a great boon having instruction from someone who knows what they're doing. This knowledge would come in quite handy, especially considering the decision BMCC passed last week in regards to Knapsack.

I believe that WSMTB have been juggling dates etc for this workshop, and I'm sure that it'll be on their site somewhere. This info is for those who don't frequent the WSMTB site.

Please post here ASAP so I can give her a general indication of numbers.


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I'm definitely interested, but will need to confirm if I can make it.

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We're working with WSMTB and IMBA to firm up dates and numbers ... if your a current WSMTB member and plan to be volunteering for our track days at Knapsack in the near future ... it would be good if you could register with WSMTB ASAP.

That way those BMORC'ers not WSMTB members can still get a chance to attend. We've asked for 10-15 BMORC spots ... but await confirmation.


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What is the best way to register with WSMTB club as I am a member and don't want to miss this.

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Looking forward to going i hope Soren from BMCC is going he knows a lot about trails too!

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I believe Soren is in the loop, judging by the names on some of the emails.

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So do you need to be a member of MTBA to attend
And to dig at Knapsack when that begins?

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@ Andy ... I'll confirm but I don't think vollies need MTBA membership for the IMBA / yellomundee day.

Trackcare days @ Knapsack will be official BMCC events and will be covered by their insurance (I'll confirm this when we meet with Staff again).

Re: Rego for IMBA day
If the Brown Hornett (apologies not sure if we've met Puzzled) is willing to take down WSMTB member numbers from here and send to his club contacts then that would be a good way of registering (see op).

Suggest discussing with Kingy once you have a list of sorts so that we don't duplicate and everybody gets a crack.

IN saying this ... Don't worry if you can't make it ... the intention is to have a group of "trained" trail bosses Smiling (Cool hand Luke is a fav ... soz) , who can then train other volunteers

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So I would like to be in on the IMBA/ Yellomundee day
It's in my diary and only a death in the family will keep me from being there

And I want to be in for the trackcare days at Knapsack as well

Just let me know what I've got to do to be there

Do you need to be able to eat a lot of boiled eggs to be a trail boss
(Cool hand Luke reference for anyone not seen it)

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If the Brown Hornett (apologies not sure if we've met )

"What we got here is a failure to communicate." (Another Cool Hand Luke moment.)

It's me JP, Al.

The only reason I posted the Yellomundee day is that the broad who is running it is a good friend of ours. Beth also works with her and she asked if I knew any mtbers who would be interested in doing the course, as she wants a good turn out. I have no affiliation with WSMTB so I can't speak for them. All this is is helping a mate out, which also ties in nicely with the whole BMORC thing. I would've been down there anyway.

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I had a chat with the organiser last night and you don't need to be a member of any mtb club to partake in this workshop. Just give an indication of your interest and rock up on the day, which I assume will be finalised in the next few days. She's hoping for a good turnout, and I can't see why there wouldn't be one.

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I'll be there! Sounds like a great opportunity to learn more about trail maintenance.

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Put me on the list.

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Ahhhh ... Brown Hornet ... Smiling

Got your voice message too, but had no idea until I read this ... soz JP shoulda known Smiling

Don't get me wrong ... I thought it was all a good idea ... get you to put up a list of WSMTB member ... then see if I could get a few more along as well.

I've been told that 25-30 is a good number of vollies ... and it was only out of respect for WSMTB that I thought it made sense to have WSMTB members along... anyway ... use your connection where possible and get as many of us along as possible.

most of us will prolly be at both Mundee and Knapsack trail days anyway :cool

The egg eating is the best part i reckon ... and the car wash Smiling

Can't go past a good prison movie to let you appreciate life

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How we doing for numbers JP ???

if your interested or even mildly interested suggest you let JP know sooner rather then latter.

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So far the names of those who have expressed interest are-
Myself, Moggio, The Bloot, Chuck, J the B (?), Kingy & Isuldur. Guys if you want to PM me your full names so I can let Vickii know by Sunday that would be good.

Here is the agenda that Vickii sent through.

Track Design Criteria and Erosion and Sediment Control Workshop 14/08/2010
8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Theory - NPWS Office, Bowman Cottage,
370 Windsor Street Richmond
Practical - On- site Trail Inspection Yellomundee Regional Park, Yarramundi

Nick Bowman
International Mountain Bike Association

Please bring: Appropriate clothing for on-site inspection.


Welcome and Housekeeping Vickii Lett - NPWS 8.00
Track Design Criteria Nick Bowman 8.05
Break 9.00
Track Design Criteria cont Nick Bowman 9.10
Morning Tea 10.10
Erosion and Sediment Control Nick Bowman 10.30
Break 11.30
Erosion and Sediment Control cont. Nick Bowman 11.40
Lunch 12.40
Drive to Yellomundee Regional Park for Onsite Inspection 1.40
Finish 3.00pm
Additional Information

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I should be OK to attend, very useful for any of us long term riders.

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may as well add me to please ... prolly Kingy as well.

I won't bother duplicating and sending a separate BMORC list

Thanks JP

Todd and a couple of others have volunteered to show Nic around on the Friday 13th ... come along if your available.

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Have spoken to John Paul and i am in!

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Years ago we were attending meetings with SF and NPs to advise and educate them on sustainable mtb trail building... now we need to have it all taught back to us by them... Ahhh how the wheel turns

As Steve H points out it's a little frustrating that trail building experience of local clubs like WSMTB often gets ignored or derided.

Still it's Excellent opportunity to get feathers in caps and boxes ticked on paper and it's great to see NPs being pro active and involve riders

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Indeed an excellent opportunity, NP's being proactive is a great thing, i hope that everyone on the forum will share our positivity Fynny, it is too easy to take things personally we all need to focus on the mother earth and what fruits she can yield for the mountain biuker with enthusiasm and energy. Smiling

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Indeed, it must be frustrating for the guys who have been doing this a while, and hard not to take personally, but it is promising that land managers are beginning to think of a more inclusive approach to land use.

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For those intending to attend this NPWS/IMBA shindig and haven't yet registered yet I suggest you do this sooner rather then later

To register the best way is to email Vickii with a brief message outlining your interest in the workshop with your contact details. feel free to cc me in your email or post here to give us an indication of numbers. or (02) 4588 2420.

If you didn't get an email from me today re rego ... apologies, please PM me with your email addy so I can ad you on to my list.


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Numbers are up to 23. 2 spots left!

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Yes Al, I have finally booked my spot today, and will also try and be at Knapsack on 16th August.

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The magic number of 25 has been reached. Nice.

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For a little ride after the workshop

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yeah why not ...

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Al, I wish I was up to riding it as I would come along behind you and yell "Track!" as often as I could just so you could re-live your nightmare at Yellomundee!!! Smiling

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As has been said in another post, Nick Bowman is heading out to Yellomundee tomorrow (Friday the 13th!!!!!) and is looking for some guides. I'm out as I'm working. Todd is heading out with a bike for Nick, but it would be good if a few more could head out also. Any takers?

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Hi guys... am considering coming over to Yellomundee on Sunday morning. Could someone please post a trail update and let us know what state the track is in?

Cheers Smiling

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But unfortunately I have to work! See you all on Saturday!

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Can someone bring a camera and take a few photos tomorrow to put up?

I'd bring mine, but alas, it is lost.

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Will do!

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Sorry I am out, didn't register as too much to do at my house and sons new house.

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Slackass! LOL No worries Vin, i know you will be the man when the knapsack thing gets going

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An enjoyable day guys. It was good to see familiar faces and to meet a whole bunch of new ones. The presentation by Nick was quite informative, and Kingy, top BBQ.

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The info on interstate and international authorised trails was a glimpse of the future
And how authorised trails can lead to win/ win outcomes
Trails built to sustainable criteria in suitable areas attract tourism and bring lots of $$$ to local business

One of the NPWS people asked if building authorised trails would lead to the building of unauthorised trails around them and citing Manly Dam and Bantry Bay as an example.
This question really needed more discussion - but it was a little off topic
I understand that BB was not 'built', and it's more techo etc, but this whole question is a common misconception

The underlying cause of unauthorised trails is a result of demand exceeding supply
And as long as this demand in not met, unauthorised trails will be a fact of life for councils, national parks, and residents

It's makes far more sense to engage with a professional body such as IMBA and local mountain bike groups and set aside suitable areas for recreational use and ensure trails are built and maintained properly

Later at Yellomundee we saw first hand the impact of poor drainage practice
Looking at a very eroded section of trail, the immediate assumption was that it was a result of heavy MTB use
But looking more closely you could clearly see where the water comes from further up the hill
And it is then funneled straight onto the narrow trail which was another easy course for it to follow

If the water was re-directed from further up the hill, it would never meet the trail
And instead would continue away from the trail into the trees or into a sump pit if needed

I think it was SA where Nick said it was 5 years of stress and argument and red tape etc
But once it was built, all the concerns ended and all parties were in favour

IMBA is a relatively new org (the Australia part anyway) and these guys know their shit
As well as trail builders like Glen Jacobs and World Trails know theirs
This is the future and it looks good

So well done to all the organisers and to Nick from IMBA
The Brown Hornet for the heads up and Kingy - top barby
I had 2 massive plate fulls, so it was good to work off a few farts later on a lap of Mundee with a few peeps

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I should also give a hazaa! to Vickii and the other NPWS folk. She did a good job of getting the workshop organised and providing food etc. She talks a lot of jive about being a bitch/mean/cranky but as you saw yesterday, whe wasn't! (much)

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Good Work to JP for the behind the scenes organising and everyone for turning up. JP or Al,- I was thinking it would be good to send Vicki an official BMORC email thanking her, the others and NPWS for the day, etc. It would a good as she could probably pass it on to the hierarchy.

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Big thanks to Vickii and the team, along with Nick for presenting ... and all the peeps that took time out to attend.

Would have been nice to have more practical, but the theory and preso were pretty helpful.

Some ops that I discussed
i) joining in with the established weed reduction days and better meeting and working with the local indigenous people.
- This follows on from the talk with he paddler (apologies can't recall the name)
ii) Swaila (sp) was also open and looking for help with track redesign and working with regular maintenance efforts.
iii) Brian mentioned the sections the were "closed"and vickii wasn't aware of any closures so worth seeing if those sections up top were actualy closed or not.
iv) potential for other IMBA days ... maybe more practical stuff.

Question: is Yellomundee in the Blue Mountains or Penrith or elsewhere ??

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If I knew how to post an image here I would, but have sent it via email. An image of BMCC Mapping showing LGA boundary, looks like it may be in both or majority Hawkesbury?

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Looking at the suburb boundaries on OpenStreetMap, the car park to the fire road on the right and the first tower is BMCC, then the rest is Hawkesbury CC. You can see the boundaries lightly dotted here.

A thanks letter to NPWS would be great.

Also, if you didn't see it, Kingy had an air of elegance and style when he was cooking the BBQ!

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