Mount Banks

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By mrptl - Posted on 18 October 2010

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Has anybody ever ride around there?

I spot from Google Earth trails going off the road, are they single tracks we could ride on (point 1 and 2)?
It look the road (Mount Banks Road) is going for ever…

Check on Google Maps, My Maps, pointed what I'm talking about.

See also point 5, looks like something is continuing at the end of that road.

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Point #1 is a trail generally used by climber to enter/exit from climbing in the area, and isn't too good for riding. Point #2 looks like fire/management trail to me (the twin track kinda gives it away).

Not sure on you're other points, but I think (and happy to be corrected if wrong) that points 3 & 4 are pickup & drop off points for canyoning in th area...

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... but if there was a decent ride on this side of the road it would be awesome. The views from the Bells Line of Road are amazing.

This was taken from the lookout by Pierces Pass (about half way between your points 1 & 5):

I think the place is signposted as 'Pierces Pass Picnic Area' or something and there's a small carpark just off the main road. Incidentally it's about 1km hike from the road to the edge of a sheer cliff. I reckon this is the best place to take your out of town visitors if they can put up with the little walk, the views are amazing and it's quiet and there are no railings at the cliff edge to spoil the ambiance Smiling

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No legally rideable single trail in the area... I may or may not know some one who may or may not have ridden down Peirces pass. It may or may not have been an awesome technical descent on a large travel bike. The hike back out may or may not have sucked big time carrying the bike. or so I'm told

Very nice walk though and one I do with the kids every now and then

As for Mt banks. No, as with most spots in Blue mts NP you can not ride single trail in the area. The fire rd round to the back of the Mt and out along explorers wall is well worth it for the view.

The Darkness's Love is only a feeling film clip was filmed here.

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Your point 4 looks like the entrance into the old coal mine that used to be at the head of the Grose. I think it is also the head of the old Engineer's Track, which used to run the length of the Grose (back in the 1800's). Barely traceable now dues to washaways, rock falls etc. The walking track from Victoria Falls down to Blue Gum Forest follows the original track, but it is not only illegal to ride it, it's difficult and pointless. Unless you've got a helicopter at your disposal, it's a BIG carry out.

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I rode the Mt Banks track last summer and melted (I stupidly picked the hottest day of the year). The track is all fire trail, and is extremely rocky in places. The riding is on the average side, and it's an out-and-back ride, but the location and views are awesome, and make it worth a trip.

I'd recommend some decent suspension to smooth out the fist-size rocks, but when we were there we passed a trio on fully rigid hybrids with baskets and panniers. Needless to say, they weren't going very fast.

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@Jim: that looks like it might be a 7km or so ride out, then back for around 14km total?

Like you say - the views should certainly be worth the trip for anyone in the area.

So is riding out and back along the Mount Banks Road itself legal? I would assume so. We should add this to the rides DB and snaffle some of those awesome shots from Jim Eye-wink

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As far as I know it's a management trail. Pretty sure the sign has bikes allowed just not on the old 4x4 trail to the top.

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