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Fishing Competition - "Carp Fishing and Weeding the River" Yellomundee 14th Nov

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By moggio - Posted on 29 October 2010

Hosted by the Yellomundee Aboriginal Bushcare, Bass Fisherman and NSW NPWS.

Should be fun, especially if you hate carp and what they do to our rivers.

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Just about to post it up but you beat me to it!

We have a ballet concert from 1300hrs so we'll have to give it a miss, but if there are any keen fisher-persons out there, get in quick because numbers are limited.

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we'll be going ... the kids are looking forward to catching the lawn fertilizer of the waterways

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... a cold and some weed Smiling ... some of the pros caught a few fishies ... but no carp whilst I was there.

Was a good arvo, and we brought our own crowd (inlaws, next door neighbours, the kids).

I was shocked by the amount and variety of weed ... bloody far from pristine.

I'd like to really get in there with a big group and smash that lantana, but I understand its not done that way.

I'd like to see if there is any interest in a weed eradication day, get as many of us as possible out there, with the aim of using big boofy blokes doing heavier labour, so we can get tangible impact, as opposed to the more sedate cheery picking type weed eradication.

There is shite loads of Lantana so we should be able to get into that surely ?? Let me know if any interest (date dependent I know) so I can offer Vickii and crew some labour, and they can plan for something early in the new year.

Anyway, was a great arvo and big turnout. Big thanks to Vickii and the other Rangers and Vollies

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I'd be in for a Lantana attack or something similiar.... I think Michael had a similiar interest too.

Talk to Vikki about it and then we can try and organise for the new year. Maybe try and get some WSMTB people along too.

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Im in for a Lantana Attack

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