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Dirty Triathlon in the Blue Mountains - includes Mountain Bike leg!

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By Melski - Posted on 16 November 2010

Hi All,

Just wanted to let everyone know about a new event series in the Blue Mountains. I hope this is the correct place to put this event... Please let me know if it is not and i can move it!

Get fit!! Get muddy!! Have fun!!

Make the most of daylight savings - set yourself some healthy goals for summer & come along & try your hand at the combination of swim, mountain bike ride and trail run which make up the Blue Mountains first ever Dirty Triathlons!!

The Dirty Tri Series takes entrants for a fantastic adventure past waterfalls and through creek crossings and is for participants of all levels with an emphasis on doing the best you can. Faster entrants will start first leaving the rest of the field to compete at their own pace.

Race Dates:
Wednesday Evenings
1st and 15th December
5th and 19th January
2nd and 16th February

Register anytime between 5pm - 6.10pm
Race briefing at 6.10pm
Race starts at 6.15pm.

Cost: $25 per race
Where: Lawson Pool St Bernards Drive, Lawson

Bring: A safe mountain bike, Au Standard Helmet, running apparel and swimwear.

What is provided:
A well marked course, pool entry, an insured event, basic aid at transition, race results.

Pre register:
Registering before helps alot as we have limited numbers.
To ensure a spot - sms (or ring) name and date of the event you wish to register for. We will confirm your entry.

The course:
300m swim in the heated Lawson pool
12km mountain bike ride along local fire trails (nth lawson and lawson ridge)
5km run along Dantes Glen trail
The race will start with in a staggered start.

Call Sean or Melanie at Mountain Sports

Short course!! - If you dont think you are up to the full course - you may enter as a swim / ride participant and will be awarded a time at the end.

There will be a sausage sizzle available for purchase at the end of the event and drinks are available for purchase from the pool.

This is the first event of its type in the Blue Mountains and we welcome any support!!

Kind Regards
Dirty Triathlon Series
02 47\57\43\78

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This sounds awesome!

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Does sound good, but then you and I like trail running.

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Event is looking like being real fun - you can also enter as a team if you like... just have to flip a coin for the swim leg!! Smiling

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Wow, that looks like a Triathalon I could actually finish. Although the run may turn into a slow jog/walk, and my freestyle would turn into breaststroke after the 1st 50m. How strict are they?

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Hi ChopStiR,
Not overly strict as long as you do the distances! More an event about participation than anything, sure there will be a few racing it hard at the front but there will also be people just wanting to finish - personal goals. You can always contact the race organiser.

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I can't make next weeks one due to work commitments but I am going to tackle the second one. I went to try and swim 300m at Lawson pool on Saturday with the kids and I wanted to break out the breastroke before I even finished the first lap, I did the 6 with a combination of breastroke and freestyle in what felt like a half hour. I will be ok running and riding but that comes after the swim so who knows.

Any tips on attire?? I was looking on the net at Triathlon pants, are they ok for the whole event? I imagine I can just throw on a top before I jump on the bike. Don't think tearing throught the bush on the bike in Speedo's is either a good look or to smart.. and boardies don't make much better sense.

Also swimming tips welcome.

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Don't know if I'll be paticipating yet but was wondering the same thing about pants. Would love to hear some swimming tips also. My biggest problem is my freestyle kicking has no forward propelltion so I usually just don't kick and let my arms do all the work. I figure it's less drag and energy spent that way. Breaststroke is my best stroke as I can actually propel forward with my frog kicks.

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Mel asked if I could comment on swimming.

If I was dong the race I would swim in either normal swimmers or get some comression shorts.
Like these's_Standard_Length_Compression_Shorts_-_Black

For the bike just pull your normal bike pants over the top.

I have used this idea for Ironman and some off Road Tri's and it works well.

Lots of people try to swim frestyle but can't swim in a straight line so zig zag a lot and waist time doing so.
Breaststroke can some times be better because you don't go off course so don't worry about it and just have fun.

Hope that helps a little.

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Thanks Brick all sorted then.. I am outa town tonight but I guess this event would be called off anyway due to the high rainfall. Looking forward to having a go at the next one.

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If it did does anyone know how it went, participation etc??

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According to the Cool Runnings messagboard it was postponed due to the rain. The 15th will still be on I assume, if the weather improves!

I'm heading to the pool tomorrow morning to see how many laps I can smash out.

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Can confirm that this dirty tri was cancelled...apparently the 2 creek crossings, 1 on the ride and 1 on the run, became more like fast flowing river crossings...the next race is still on at this stage...kinda glad it was called off as i was worried about stopping for a rest 5 times during the swim leg...

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So does that mean you're partaking in the upcoming race "beaver" or are you content to sit on your apparent ascent of Bees Nest as your crowning glory?

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ummm yeah... i think im booked in to race, although i dont think i will be 'racing' anything until the 2nd leg...if you know what i mean!

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I participated in this last night, was heaps of fun and very well run event. Thankyou to the Mountain Sport's team. Looking forward to the next one.

For anyone thinking about entering, it's a very relaxed atmosphere and really excellent value. 3 Drink and Fruit stations and free BBQ at the end.

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The midweek Dirty Tri series has only 2 races left for this season so if you want to come and have a go at a great offroad triathlon with a really cool bike leg - this is your chance!

February 16th
March 2nd

both on Wednesday Nights and both start at 6.15pm. You can register from 5pm onwards.

Even if you are a rotten swimmer or runner you can still put in a decent time as the bike leg is challenging so overall i think the event really favours the better riders a little.

For more info or to register - call Sean on 0409 047 714 or email

All the details for the series can also be found at


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I will be entering again tomorrow. These dirty try's have been so much fun I look forward to them more than strait up mtb races even though I hate the swim and still feel like I am going to drown.

If anyone comes along I am the tall guy on the shiny Anthem 29er.

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