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Myrtle Rust located in the Blue Mountains

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By Nerf Herder - Posted on 17 December 2010

As per my email to those on the list, Myrtle Rust has been identified in and around the Blue Mountains areas. BMORC have been advised by both the Blue Mountains Conservation Society and the Yellowmundee Rangers separately.

Vickii provided some information as per the attached pdf, which has also been provided to the Glenrock Trail Alliance guys.

"What is Myrtle Rust?
Myrtle Rust (Uredo rangelii) is a newly described fungus that is closely related to the Eucalyptus/Guava rusts. These rusts are serious pathogens which affect plants belonging to the family Myrtaceae including Australian natives like bottle brush (Callistemon spp.), tea tree (Melaleuca spp.) and eucalypts (Eucalyptus spp.).

Myrtle Rust is distinctive in that it produces masses of powdery bright yellow or orange-yellow spores on infected plant parts. It infects leaves of susceptible plants producing spore-filled lesions on young actively growing leaves, shoots, flower buds and fruits. Leaves may become buckled or twisted and may die as a result of infection. Sometimes these infected spots are surrounded by a purple ring. Older lesions may contain dark brown spores. Infection on highly susceptible plants may result in plant death."

Please could you take time to read the attached pdf, we ask that you both keep an eye out for the tell tale signs of the yellow spores ... and keep well away from it. Please also record the location and advise BMORC reps (post it in here) and somebody will liaise with either Rangers or Council Staff.

Please also assist us by regularly washing your bike and riding kit, which is a precautionary measure to reduce the spread of the pathogen. It is best to wash it at the site, however, reps are currently attempting to identify some ways we could potentially introduce some sprays or washes at trail heads ... but early days.

The best approach for the minute is to keep an eye out for the spores, try not to disturb it or get it on your gear ... and report it on here. This will at least alert riders in the area and or allow us to point point where to locate any preventative tools (sprays washes etc etc).

preventing-spread-Myrtle-Rust-bushland.pdf398.5 KB
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Totally across this now thanks to your post, cheers up until now I was a bit vage on the matter but am equipped now, re the 70% soloution is this metho to water as in 7 parts metho to 3 parts water or do I have it backwards?


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70% metho Kingy, and don't be shy about the application!

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Cheers Hornet, tried the mix found it a bit harsh so I substituted the water for OJ lol
But seriously hope that we can get something happening with the local guys to keep on top of this scurge!

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Bit of an article in the Sunday Papers just to highlight what is happening and the rate of spread ... a little bit sensationalised ... but, seems like a hard one to fight given the way it spreads.

An older article here as well

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