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SRAM Singletrack Mind Series Round 6

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By Fi - Posted on 27 January 2011

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Sunday, 23 October, 2011 - 08:00
8 hours
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I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Rydal Showground


The SRAM Singletrack Mind Series features six mountain bike endurance events, of 7 or 8 hours duration. They will take you to six different locations in NSW and ACT, each one renowned for its flowing singletrack and fun factor.

We launched the SRAM Singletrack Mind series here in 2010, so we're very fond of Lidsdale State Forest at Lithgow. As you may have heard the current track area is to be logged but Flynny and the great crew from Central Tablelands MTB Club have been permission to build a whole new bunch of fun and flowy trails in a different compartment of Lidsdale. So by the event date of 23 October, Lithgow will be THE place to go!

Find out more at

Who's in?
Fi, Flynny, Eyeball, tate, paulwhitfeld
Fi Flynny Eyeball tate paulwhitfeld
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Course is all sorted.

I'm excited.

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Me too Flynny... saw the Garmin stats and it looks great...

you diggers did awesome!

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approximately how long is the track for the race ?

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I will try to make it there for this event . Looks like my sort of track no big hills ...

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Looking forward to this one. Aimed to hit up all the rounds in this series so my debut on round 6 isn’t bad! Now for that last minute fitness training Eye-wink

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Course preview can be checked out here:

Looking forward to some smooth trails after the rock gardens at Mt Annan put the final nail my DT Swiss fork coffin.

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Looks like a great flowing course. I'm a bit over rock gardens too, personally, I don't think they add anything to a trail (unless they're natural).

Looking forward to it.

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Completely agree, artificial rock gardens are a pain in the arse! Course looks great especially for an unfit bloke like me!

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If anyone is looking for a place to stay this weekend there is a range of accommodation at Rydal that is walking distance from the event center

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How do we go about finding out about camping spots in the area? IS there camping available at the track for the saturday night?


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Yeah there is camping available with proper toilets blocks at the event center or down the hill at Lake Lyle. Follow the link in the post above for more info

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nice. saw the link but didnt realise there was two camping options.
thanks mate.

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All the info on camping, accommodation, dining and more is also available on our website here:



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Ran the exact course in tonights club race. If the vibe at pub afterwards is anything to go by I think you guys will enjoy this one,

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Hope everyone enjoyed it, or if you didn't I hope it at least improved your cornering skill

Big cheers for all the CTMBC crew who put in a big effort to get the trail built and prepped and to all those who helps on the day, good to see every one there doing well.

results are online

Cheers to Joe and Fi for putting on another great event and also to the Rydal Show Committee for providing an awesome venue. (How good is it to have proper flushing loos?)

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that was a good little vid ,can,t wait to ride these trails!

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I found it quite a hard course. I also found tyre pressure made a lot of difference in how much traction i would have through the corners. On the whole it was a great day out with some really exciting racing.

Write up here:

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looks similar to that bush 'Flynny' showed us up at Lidsdale that day-is this track always open to the public?

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I found it quite a hard course. I also found tyre pressure made a lot of difference in how much traction i would have through the corners

Yeah for a trail with no hills you still have to work to go fast.

It's a trail you have to think about and for quite a lot of the corners it's a matter of going slower to go fast. A lot of guys were sprinting up to a corner, reefing on the brakes, getting out of shape, coming to a stop and sprinting out, which makes it feel stop start, but when up slow down a bit coming in and get around the corner smooth, holding exit speed it's much flowier, I think there only 3 corners on the whole track
where i'm hard on the front brake

Anyway Photos are up

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when you put it that way, all excellent points. i definitely found it flowy towards the end of the day when the track cleared out a bit. short bursts of acceleration are still needed when theres traffic, which was compounded by having to wipe off that overtaking speed for a corner.

good work on the track though. give it some time to bed in and berms and it will be a cracker. lots of variety. awesome evnet centre too!

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SBS comes through again with the goods!

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