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Second Round of NPWS MTB Discussion Forum 14th Feb

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By moggio - Posted on 08 February 2011

Basically a second round of meetings to be run by a facilitator nominated by conservation groups. If you went to the previous meeting in October last year you should still definately attend again.

Its to be held

Monday 14th February 6-8pm, Springwood Country Club, Hawkesbury Rd Springwood.

The full story of why this is happening again can be read on NOBMOB here

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This was a reply from NPWS received by someone on Rotorburn. Due to the lack of feedback and information I will post it up here too.

Thanks for your query regarding consultation on the NPWS Cycling Policy Review and Sustainable Mountain Biking Strategy Discussion Paper.

As you would be aware, we sought public comment on the discussion paper in September and October last year. Submissions were accepted via an online forum, email and mail. In addition, open public forums were held in north and south Sydney, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Springwood, Nowra and Jindabyne. We received more than 2,500 submissions on the paper from a wide cross-section of the community. The submissions demonstrated significant public support for a proposal to provide more opportunities for mountain biking in national parks where appropriate.

Following the public consultation process, concerns were raised by some members of conservation groups that the process did not allow their views to be adequately considered and addressed. We are determined that the final outcome of the policy review and strategy development is not undermined by concerns about the conduct of our public consultation process. We are committed to ensuring that all stakeholders have the opportunity to have their views heard and properly considered. We therefore felt it would be sensible to offer a final, targeted opportunity to members of conservation groups to contribute any comments that they felt unable to express during the previous workshops.

The formal submissions received from conservation groups, such as the NCC and NPA, were received by the Department during the consultation period and will not be amended as a result of these workshops.

We believe that in order for the community to accept the outcome of the consultation process and any resulting policies or strategies relating to mountain biking in NSW national parks, they must feel that the Department treated all stakeholders fairly and equally. Unfortunately, feedback received suggests that while the mountain biking groups felt their views were heard, some members of the conservation groups were alienated by having a facilitator whom they regarded as biased.

To address this concern, we have requested that the proposed workshops be facilitated by a person nominated by the National Parks Association. However, if there are people within the community who wish to attend these additional workshops then they are welcome to attend even if they are not a member of a conservation group. I can provide you with details on the workshop location and time if you let me know whether your preferred location would be Springwood, Newcastle, Nowra, Jindabyne, Port Macquarie, Turramurra or Sutherland.

Please note that the workshops will only be going ahead where there has been sufficient interest shown by conservation stakeholders regarding their final opportunity to have a say – consequently we are looking at cancelling a number of the workshops.
Please be reassured that all of the comments made during the formal consultation period from all of the various sources, including the online forum, will be analysed and taken into consideration in the development of the strategy and review of the policy.

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I was at the last one, and would dearly love to be able to make it to this one, but unfortunately I just an't see it happening. Making it up from Sydney may be difficult to manage, plus Jo might kick my arse if I dip out on the plans for monday night...

Good luck guys! I look forward to hearing about the meeting!

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Well the meeting is on so please try and make sure you come along, numbers are important.

Just repeating

Monday 14th February 6-8pm, Springwood Country Club, Hawkesbury Rd Springwood.

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