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By kiwiboy - Posted on 03 June 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Amazing what a few zip locks, tape and an allen key can do.
Ridden out of Andersons for 10 km for an early exit for the day.

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Is this before or after you rode 10Ks on it?

Is there anything but a few mm of tape holding the top of that allen key in place? Guess there's cable tie under the tape on the shorter section of the key there?

Pretty amazing either way - nice fix guys!

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This was after the 10 km. Started with a pretty obvious crack, enough to make the rear tyre rub on the frame. The last 4 km or so it was as you see it. And yes, couple of cable ties underneath the tape, amazing what you can fix with ties and tape!!

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... there's a few ties and small roll of tape in my back pack. Luckily this is the only use ever made of it.

Touch wood and all that!

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MacGiver awards!!

Well done. Lucky you carry individual keys and not just a multi tool.

Ev, this can't be making you feel too good at the moment, or shouldn't I say that?

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thanks go to D-on who rode with us for the key and Tayls who had the tape - I had the ties. Any one of us couldn't have done it with the kit in our packs but together we prevailed.
But I shall be a good boy scout in future and have all the makings in the pack.

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frame Eye-wink

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I've heard Scott is now recommending you carry a spare frame now, 2 in 2 weeks have failed.

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This starting to make me feel a tad uncomfortable. Being a new Scott owner. I mashed my rear dérailleur, bent my chain and threaded the part the dérailleur bolts onto. Cost me $250 to repair Sad. Hope my frame doesn't crack like that in 18 months time.

Bl**dy nice repair tho Smiling


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That is some ingenious mechanical work there fella's. I definitely think this fix was not in the manual? Lateral thinking at it's finest. Eye-wink

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These pictures of similar failure/fix were floating about on the MTB-OZ list:

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What's the return policy on your steed Evan?

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particularly now that it is clearly second hand. Smile mate, its only two cases you now know of out of the what, maybe dozen or so Scotts in existence.

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Ouch indeed.

Ev - I wouldn't be worried unless there's not a lifetime warranty with Scott frames. I assume there is?

When I was shopping around didn't find anyone who wouldn't offer this (Giant, C'dale, Spec, etc). Of course, as with cars and other things YMMV, but don't see there's that much they can argue with if you bring in a snapped MTB frame. Clearly a design/build issue?

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Lifetime warranty - if only..

Well unless things have changed in the last 6 months, Scott offers only a 2 year warranty upped to 4 if you follow their service guide and get the manual stamped by an approved dealer- and of course only for the original purchaser and if ytou got the receipt. I was a little lucky since I wasn't the original owner, I got the front triangle replaced when it snapped at teh bottle cage, but it took nearly 4 months to get... I bought a Cannondale while waiting.
So this fix will be on me, no doubt. as mentioned in another post, this bike has been plagued with issues, which is a ral shame as I am a Scot fan, my previous being a Team Boulder XC that I really thrashed and it just took it without complaint.

Unlike the Cannondale with lifetime warranty - and made in USA (so the sticker says!! It must be true!)

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I was trying to make light of the situation, but have overstepped the mark. I sincerely apologise for this.

As Stuart said, the links on this thread are a few isolated examples and I'm sure if one looked around at other brands, there would be cases of frame damage in every model of bike.

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Hiya Shaun,

No need to apologise. You are right, I'm sure if we looked around we would see other brands with problems. I know of NobMobers, who have broken Cannodales and Konas.


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Eye-wink You know we only jibe out of jealousy of a beautiful shiny new stead!!

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you could always stick some specialized stickers on it Stuart Laughing out loud

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covered, each way bet here mate

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Just looked up the Scott warranty info, looks like they are offering 5 years cover on both frame & swing-arm as long as you get your authorised Scott dealer to service your bike yearly, they drop this to 3 years without the servicing.

Not bad really, guess most people would up date there bikes in this time anyway.

I have heard that some other manufacturers don't consider swing-arms to be part of the frame, by calling them a component they only get 12 months warranty.

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And just to be clear, I am a huge Scott fan, despite now riding a Cannondale Rush. So nothing said by me so far should be interpreted as Scott bashing, cos I think they are a great bike - but the warranty service sucked. And the original owner only thing - thats a bit tough.

I loved the Genius, and still do - but somehow the lefty has got under my skin, and although I have been riding the Scott (re acquainting myself with it after a long break) somehow the Cannondale just feels more... solid or something. I am a big lad, so maybe the Genius is too lightweight for me - I dunno. Love to keep it but the Budget Committee has decreed that to fund other gadgets something has to give. Although, given it's current condition, that might prove tricky. And I have an emotional attachment (still got the nearly 10 year old Scott Team Boulder - just.. just.. can't bring myself to let go, y'know) so who knows.

So, Evan, good choice IMHO.

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Have you spoken to the guys at grip sport in melbourne, they could probably fix that swing-arm better than new, plus their prices seem quite reasonable.

As far as the original owner thing goes with warranty I think most bike companies have the same policy, Cannondale do, been there done that.

Btw cannondale were extremely helpfull in replacing a cracked frame of mine late last year.

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And isn't there some sort of unspoken policy that if you break something you're looking at just did? Or is he a better mate than that?

You can always try it on him and see what he says;-)

Clearly just joking

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there was indeed a bit of discussion around whose bike it was that just got broke. It was my view he just broke his bike :-} but funnily enough he didn't see my point of view, and felt my bike was clearly defective.

As you say, clearly just joking.

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