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What's wrong with this picture?

J the B's picture

By J the B - Posted on 26 February 2011

This is GIles. He favours unusual riding positions.

Scottboy's picture

don't sneeze or cough too much

Flynny's picture

Bar ends on riser bars with an adjustable stem.... how much wronger can you get Smiling

Scottboy's picture

be the white slazenger joggers he has on

Chuck's picture

I think Flynny is on to it.

Not sure how Hathill manged it, but the video shows a surprisingly smooth transition from standing to sitting.

Mudman's picture

I'm not sure that's what they meant when they coined the expression "joy-riding"...

PappaSmurf's picture

Is there a camera in that thing. Could lead to some shitty footage.

hathill's picture

"Bar ends on riser bars with an adjustable stem.... how much wronger can you get"

Flynny, it looks so wrong, yet it feels soooooo right. I just know you want a rig like that don't you.

shano's picture

The only thing wrong with this picture is the suspension...which seems to be an experimental design based upon the elasticity and absorption provided by a stiff electrical tape! Eye-wink

woftt's picture

OMG - are they white wall tyres?

trim's picture

Is one of Gile's unusual riding positions not off road, but... on the tar!

Noel's picture

I got it!

Poor bike modeling. Drive-train to the camera please!

Kingy's picture

It took me a while but then it dawned on me this man is riding his montain bike on tar, sacraligious with such a fine example of off road durability, the added security of inserting the seat in ones self for additional positional assuredeness on those rough descents is pure genius!

mikethebike's picture

Is that a genuine John Hopoate fingertime saddle?

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