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Clean Up Australia Day - Knapsack Reserve

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By Chuck - Posted on 06 March 2011

Kingy, Wes, Ron, Lachlan, Chuck.

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What a top day, we all showed up early and hit the ground running and in Chucks case rolling.
We removed a hug amount of refuse from the site and this included recyclable material old car parts and the like.
Memorable moments include seeing Neil walking out of the trails with about 30 Kilos of steel hoops suspended from each arm looking like he just came in from harvesting the fields complete with his loaner hat compliments of Wes.
Nicola your Dad is a ledgend thanks for your help Smiling
Ron and Lachlan put in a great effort, Eva as well, we met Andrei and his young family they brought out a huge amount of rubbish and located an old dumped Holden Kingswood well done, see you on the site soon.
The best part would have to the removal of a massive amount of noxious weeds that were only metres from the reserve this made a fantastic visual impact for our friends that live directly adjacent to the park.
Wes and Gus were right in their element hooking into the hard task of weed removal and raking and consolidating the immense amount of rubbish that cam out of the site.
Next year will be a lot easier thanks to the great work we did today.
A fantastic opportunity for BMORC to show how much we appreciate our little corner of the Blue Mountains.

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Well done guys, very impressive! Good to see the banner getting used again!

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Was A big day Kingy even saw a TRUCK crash.

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A Wes-TRUCK crash?

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Awesome work guys! Shame you were too busy working to get a snap shot of everyone involved in the work!

Sorry I couldn't be there, too busy defribulating mannequins.

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Yes a wes/truck crash bloody trees with wide bars.

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