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Brief Report on the BMORC Knapsack BBQ on the 26th Feb

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By moggio - Posted on 08 March 2011

Well on the 26th February BMORC held a free community BBQ at Knapsack reserve to engage with local residents, schools, families, riders and basically anyone who Kingy could attract and get to talk to. We supplied maps, helped show people around and basically answered questions anyone had about what our concept is.

We had contacted local schools, done a letter box drop of the neighboring residents and posted flyers up on boards. Kingy turned up with a massive pile of sausages where I thought he had over-catered like a madman yet again, but after the many hours we were there they were gone. So by the sausage counter we managed to speak to a large number of people and received some interesting feedback.

We spoke to many local residents who had the understandable concerns over noise, vehicles, rubbish etc. I think when we were able to explain the plan and the maps showing how the trails are within the park's perimeter and entirely away from residents, they were fine with the idea. We were able to reassure them that the area would not be used for racing or mtb events. The idea of looking after the reserve with rehabilitation of areas also appealed and many remembered when the reserve was filled with motorbikes and vehicles and think this is a positive move. So after some initial negativity and fears we were able to alleviate these concerns by open communication.

I know Kingy spoke to some schools people who are attracted to the idea of having an area that is suitable for activities for their students and their parents. Not only is it a resource for riding as a healthy activity, but it is a way of getting out into the natural environment and developing an early appreciation for it.

Some others I remember were people who had bikes and were interested in starting out on riding in the area. We were able to explain and point out the benefits of the area. Others were families interested in going out for a pedal with their kids.

Talking to some young kids they said they ride Knapsack and complained about how they just got lost and found it off putting. Others wished the jumps could be rebuilt to have a range of sizes for all abilities including table tops.

Another fellow loved the idea of Knapsack for mountain biking because basically "anything to keep those riders off the road can only be a good thing... they just don't belong there with trucks and all!"

So by the end of the day, speaking to many interested parties, I hope we managed to be informative and clear on what the BMORC's suggestions mean for the area. We also picked up some great feedback from many people too.

edit : Also noticed it was reported in this week's Gazette as well!

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