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An opportunity to help Blue Mountains Conservation Society

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By Kingy - Posted on 02 February 2011

I picked up on this article while browsing the web for information on Platypus, after reading the article below I was thrilled to find out about a population of platypus in the Sun Valley area.
I thought this would be a great opportunity to assist Tara with her campaign to address the release of sewage into Fitzgerald's creek.
Can everyone pen a short letter or email and send it on to the Sydney Water

Postal address
Sydney Water
PO Box 399
Parramatta NSW 2124 or
email through this portal

Thanks for your support

Regards Kingy

Blue Mountains Conservation Society wants to save Springwood platypus

Tara Cameron and the Blue Mountains Conservation Society are campaigning to change a proposed discharge point into Fitzgeralds Creek. Picture: MATT SULLIVAN
BLUE Mountains Conservation Society is spearheading a campaign to save platypus and other wildlife at the popular Fitzgeralds Creek at Springwood.

The society is worried a proposed discharge point for untreated stormwater and sewage planned by Sydney Water will endanger wildlife, and wants the location changed.

“There have also been many sightings of platypus along the creek,” society president Tara Cameron said.

“There is a lot of biodiversity in this area and we are concerned that the new discharge will affect this. Residents are also worried on the impact on the native species.”

Sydney Water said it had shelved plans while it worked out the best solution.

“In recognition of the views expressed by the Blue Mountains Conservation Society, Sydney Water is undertaking a further review of the project,” a spokesman said.

“We will not be making a decision on the project until this review is complete.”

He said Sydney Water had been presented with several options, which were being assessed for environmental and community impacts, health and safety impacts during construction and operation, and cost.

Ms Cameron said the society was not consulted when the project was first discussed.

She said the discharge point was just below the Blue Mountains Council depot near Buckland Retirement Village.

“This becomes Fitzgeralds Creek and flows on into Sun Valley, Warrimoo and down to the Nepean River,” she said.

She said the creek was a popular location for walking dogs, bushwalking, mountain biking and as a play area for children.

Ms Cameron said the society was more worried about the one-in-17-year releases, whereby untreated stormwater and sewage would flow at almost double the rate that usually flowed into the Nepean at the Penrith weir.

Karleen Waldron, a landholder and bush regenerator, said baby platypus could be caught in the stormwater as they emerged from their burrows.

“This could kill them,” she said.

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The portal is quick and easy make sure you mention your concerns for the Platypus and ask that if the status of the proposed works changes that you wish to be advised.


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This has been a concern for a good while now, and this is a great opportunity to prevent more damage being done to some special habitats and creatures. Get into it. Great post Kingy.

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IronCove in Sydney is a good example of what could happen when untreated stormwater continues to pour into waterways.

Recent UNSW studies have found that heavy metals continue to be deposited into the bay, even after the removal of all the heavy industry in and around the area over the past few decades. The main source found was stormwater.

One of my Marine Bio mates that I ride with, was on the study and he was telling me about all the muck and filth he had to dive in whilst getting samples ... I use to windsurf in there, but have stopped after the image he put in my head ... Hopefully my email helps BMCS out.

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Dear Mr King,
Thank you for your email to Sydney Water about the Winmalee Wastewater Improvement Project. This project is part of Sydney Water’s $560 million SewerFix Program to improve the wastewater system and protect public health and the environment. The Winmalee Wastewater Improvement Project will upgrade sections of the Blue Mountains Sewer Tunnel to reduce the chance of the tunnel failing in extreme wet weather and wastewater overflowing uncontrolled into the surrounding environment from maintenance holes and other points in the system.
During the 2009 planning process, the Blue Mountains City Council and the Blue Mountains Conservation Society raised concerns around perceived downstream environmental impacts from one of the options under consideration. The project aims to protect a section of the Blue Mountains Sewer Tunnel near to Council’s Springwood Depot in Lawson Road to ensure the wastewater system would continue to operate. The proposed option included the installation of a new emergency relief structure (controlled overflow point) that would discharge extra stormwater and diluted wastewater in the system, during an extreme storm, into the existing stormwater channel that connects downstream to Fitzgerald's Creek.  
Sydney Water has considered these concerns and is still reviewing all options. We are examining all other options, and doing a peer review of some of the environmental studies, including an analysis of flora and fauna, water quality of the existing waterways and hydrological characteristics. We will update the community when this is finished.
If you need to know more, please email me at
Kind regards,

Sandi Shrimski | Consultation Leader
SewerFix Wet Weather Alliance (SWWA)
Level 7, 504 Pacific Hwy St Leonards NSW 2065 |
Don't forget your Water Wise Rules, visit to find out more.
NOTICE: This email is confidential. If you are not the nominated recipient, please immediately delete this email, destroy all copies and inform the sender. Sydney Water Corporation (Sydney Water) prohibits the unauthorised copying or distribution of this email. This email does not necessarily express the views of Sydney Water. Sydney Water does not warrant nor guarantee that this email communication is free from errors, virus, interception or interference.

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