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MOGO ride options 1.5 hours only

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By simmoclayto - Posted on 16 June 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


I'm down in Batemans bay and i've heard the Mogo singletrack is awesome! No where near as good as tathra but still pretty awesome. Every map I find on the internet shows the Angry Doctor 50 and 100 km loops. I do not have time to do a 50 km loop tomorrow..... so I was wondering if anyone knows a 1.5 hour ride in Mogo which incorporates some of this sweet singletrack I hear so much about.



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as you come past the last house there is a carpark a little further past here on your right with like a shelter/picnic area? from memory there is a map there.The trails were smashed from the winds last year so do not know if they have been repaired?

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I have never had the pleasure of riding the last 20km or so of the Angry Doctor course - ahem Eye-wink - but hear it's a hoot.

I do know it can be reached by riding up a firetrail from the highway. A couple of kays south of Mogo turn right (West) into Maulbrooks Road (firetrail) and climb. Take a (full) GPS of the 100Km course and start riding when it crosses this road. You should end up heading North back into town, then can ride back to your vehicle along the highway.

I'm sure there will be better suggestions but that's all I've got Eye-wink

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Rob, sounds like you have a bit of unfinished business down there Eye-wink

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ok, I need to preface this by saying it's been 6 months since I was down there so things may have changed a little in that time.

There are quite a few mtb trails on the eastern side of the highway. Generally everything on this side was ridable as this was all protected from the wind. It may be a bit frustrating finding your way around if you don't have a GPS as nothing is marked but the trails are good. You can easily find 1.5hrs of fun in here if you can work out some way of finding your way around.

The western side got hit hardest by the storm. Especially the SW where the club trails are. We aren't talking a few shrubs/branches here and there, but full sized trees uprooted. I ran into a bloke who was part of the club who said they spent 140hrs on the chainsaws just to clear their loop.

The club has about a 10km loop open which includes the Snake Track but mostly everything else was still smashed to bits.

If you were to follow the AD course then the first 50 has been pretty much the same for the last few years and is in essence all rideable with a couple of minor variations around heavy damage. The second 50 changes significantly each year. None of the second 50 routes were fully (or even mostly) passable. With some trial and error and persistance it is possible to link up 50k's that is representative of the course though.

Also, AFAIK it is only the club trails in the western side that are sanctioned and formally maintained. The rest are logging tracks and a mixture of informal moto and mtb trails. So conditions vary a lot, some of the AD course from a couple of years back is now overgrown with impenetrable saplings, some has been abandoned after the area has been logged and others just haven't had any maintenance and erosion and fallen timber has gotten the better of them.

So if you decide to follow an AD gps plot I recommend sticking to the first 50. If you were to start at Mogo and ride the first 30 odd kays then scoot back down the highway to close the loop then that would be around a 2hr ride.

The easy option if you don't want to go 'exploring' and potentially waste bucketloads of time being either lost or stuck scrambling over blown over trees is to ride a couple of loops of the Club tracks.

The Moruya Bike Shop web site has a club trail map showing what is open and there is also a map at the trail head plus waymarkers on the course so it's easy navigating.

Hope this helps.

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There are a number of sections of track that make up the Angry Doctor race. Goto where the Angry Doctor race is held and there is a board there with the tracks marked. Most of the tracks have been cleared of the fallen trees.

The longest loop was bout 13-16km - including the Snake trail. This section alone is worth the drive.

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That is of course only the club trails you speak of, which make up maybe 10km of the race and occur mid way through the second 50.

The remaining 90km is unmarked and there is no map.

Here is the map from Moruya bikes, it looks like they have opened up some more of the trails since I was there. Good work.

If you want to extend this loop a bit turn right at the end of Dam Rd then take the next left onto Carlo Rd and follow that until it joins back up to the club track at the 5.8km point.

This is another map that shows a lot of the trails:

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