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What a cracker of a day!

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By hathill - Posted on 26 June 2011

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What a great day - lots of the BMORC regulars there looking forward to a brisk morning outing.

Bit the bullet and decided to start in the outright class after fighting through a lot of traffic the year earlier. Left near the back of the field and started to pick off the occasional rider or two on the climbs - really happy with my last minute tyre selection - Big thanks to Simon at BikeMinded for looking after me.

Just kept pushing to the Helipad where there were three or four riders ready to work it down to Euroka - Took turns pushing each other along, great fun hanging the tail out leading into Deadmans - fastest I have ever been through there I reckon.

Couple of riders caught us by the Oaks gate and we just hung on to them from there. I could see Kingy working his guts out riding that monster up ahead - man he was impressive on the climbs with that thing. Still managed to get past him in the last couple of km's and had a great run down to Euroka, almost overcooked it on the grass but hung on to save embarrassment!

Really wanted to get a sub 50 but really happy with the time - maybe next year?

Congrats to BMORC'er Stephen who hammered it home for sixth place in the 30-39 class with a 46:56 and a big thanks to Kingy for a bit of comedy at the finish line.

See you all again next year Sticking out tongue

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Good work buddy. What tyres were you running?

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JP - had a pair of Specialized SWorks FastTrak LK's on. Just enough bite for the climbs and just enough slide in the hard stuff. 36psi front/40 rear (running tubes) Just need to be careful of the paper thin sidewalls.

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