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Junior racer

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By Muzza - Posted on 31 July 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have a 7 year old son, who is really getting into his bike riding. Does anyone know of any organised XC racing for young kids?

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HMBA run kids races at their club rounds. Three classes, U9, U11 and U13.

Pretty sure WSMTB do something similar.

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Thanks Sammydog. We live in the northern beaches, so we might need to do a bit of travelling.

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WSMTB circuit at Yellomundie is particularly kid-friendly. They held the all-schools XC champs there, and the grins on the kids faces were infectious!

My youngster teamed up with some kids from Hans's son's school who were all pretty much mtb newbies, and they all had a great time. The junior loop they used would be perfect for your 7yo. I rode it with a few of them (got some funny looks from some parents until I called out "cameraman!" Eye-wink ) and if this push to go racing is coming from your youngster he should be fine. Relatively easy on the elevation change too.

Ray will now doubt be along shortly with an invitation to their next club round. They run a great event and look after the kids well.

Awaba is one of sammydog's haunts and has a short junior loop as well, but I haven't ridden all of it. From what I saw it looked like fun too, without any scary or stupid-steep bits.

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Thanks hawkeye. Sounds like a trip to Yellomundie could be on the cards!

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That's right, we have a short kids loop. In the near future though we will have a dedicated kids loop that is separated completely from the main trail system.

It will be across the access road around the outside of the new carpark. The kids will be able to keep riding while the adults race.

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Hi Murray,

Yes - we have a good juniors program. We have a "race" for U10s on a dedicated circuit, and then have races for U13 Girls and U13 Boys on a modified (shorter) version of the main track. The U15s then have their own division as well, and race on the main track with the rest of us.

Most club rounds are at Yellomundee Regional Park - and that takes me about 55 minutes from Lindfield (via M2, M7, Richmond Rd, Blacktown Rd, The Driftway, and onto Springwood Rd). Yellomundee is open to all at any time.

However, our next club round (Sunday 7 Aug) will be at Blue Gum Lodge in Springwood. And we will be running Juniors there as well. See for details.

Hope to see you there,

Ray Rice

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The kids racing at WSMTB club is a lot of fun my two boys 4 and 7 love it and cant get enough.

Not MTB but for something a little more competetive there is also BMX racing at Homebush my two boys are super keen to have a go at it and we will probably give it ago later this year.

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