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Rides near Bendalong

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By Timoth - Posted on 21 September 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm taking a week's break at Bendalong (south-coast, half way between Ulladulla & Jervis Bay). I'll be taking the Jones & doing as much riding as I can sneak in. Anybody know about any good rides down in that area? The town backs onto Conjola State Forest.

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There's always the trails where the Husky was held. It's only an hour away from Bendalong so in Sydney travel times thats close Smiling

Also below is local club

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If you've got a surfboard, take that too.

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there are firetrails that go all the way too Sussex Inlet or Berrara at Swan Lake Cudmirrah then you can ride on the road for about 3 kms then get on more firetrails towards Sussex town centre . I found info on the ride a few years ago I think it is about 60+ km return . I have done about 20km return from Berrara towards Bendalong then rode back along the beach for around 5 kms .. I just googled Bendalong then pan Nth you can see the fire road I was talking about & some has been disused for a while so it is like single trails but I wouldn't do it alone this time of year with snakes sunning themselves ..

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I just typed in mountain biking around sussex inlet & the ride details came up 40.6km return it is the second one in google search be safe be seen & it says too allow 5 hrs (thats if you like site seeing ) there is stuff too look at along the way & picnic stops it even has kms where too turn left or right or where the creek crossings may be .

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Thanks lads. Some good tips. Sounds like a lot a fair bit of exploring fire trails in order. No surfboard unfortunately – I'm an inland boy.

Riding through the bush alone is such a wonderful thing that I decided a few years back not spend time worrying about the risks. Snakes, crashes, serial killers . . . actually, a lightning strike is the closest I've come to death on a solo ride and it was one of the greatest rides I've done.

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Bendalong is the best place in the world, but let's not tell anyone.
There was a great singletrack mind race at Nowra a few months back - the details are here:
Double check the 'how to get there' bit. The track was fantastic.

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the coondoo track is very easy too find But it is at least 40min from Bendalong & there are another 3 trails in the area too if you like to drive around there is Cabbage tree , Butterfly & Superbowl as well

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