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2011: How'd you go now 2013

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By Flynny - Posted on 31 December 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
OK It's that time of year. Time to Flush out the secret trainers, boast/moan about, admit to or otherwise tell us about the amount of riding you did this year.

Include all your cycling including indoor trainers and spin bikes.

So, I'll go first.

I had a pretty average 2010 doing 2000km, with a chunk of that on an indoor trainer so for 2011 I set myself a rough goal of doubling that. Something I managed to do while mostly avoiding the trainer.

I'm pretty happy with my effort considering the busy year I've had (Weekly races at Rydal sure helped to bump up the numbers and keep me motivated)

Total KMTotal TimeAverage SpeedAverage HR
4595kms 270hrs 17.7km/h 135bpm
Also if you wish
Total AscentTotal Descent
45 801m 45997
Add in half dozen or so DH days and that's my year. How was yours?
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Oh and if you're not sure show to do the neat table

copy this
{table border="1"}
{th}Total KM{/th}{th}Total Time{/th}{th}Average Speed{/th}{th}Average HR{/th}
{td}insert kms{/td} {td}insert hrs{/td} {td}insert km/h{/td} {td}insert bpm{/td}


then change the } to > and { to < then insert your numbers. then click on the "Input format" link below and change it from "Filtered HTML" to "Full HTML"

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More then 2010 with 2012 tipped to be more again Smiling

This is using sporttracks and it always robs me of metres climbed Eye-wink

Distance: 4,055km
Time: 226hrs
Average Speed: 17.9km/h
Average HR: 157bpm
Total Ascent: 58,155m

Edit: I also ended up 165th on the overall Cyclenation rankings and 50th for the 2011 Real Insurance XCM Series.

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Distance: 6,124.57 km
Time: 247:13:03 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 76,592 m
Avg Speed: 24.8 km/h
Avg HR: 151 bpm
Avg Bike Cadence: 79 rpm
Calories: 201,709 C

Not to bad bearing in mind I was injured for 3 months of the year.

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Total km 4632.31
Time 183:02
Elevation Gain 70,990m
Avg Speed 25.1
Avg HR 74% of max
Calories 198,675

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First 6 months -

Total 5,441.20 km
Time 276:49
Elevation Gain 58,607 m
Avg Speed 19.9 km/h
Avg HR 145 bpm
Calories 225,950 C

Last 6 months (Medical Issues) -

Total 902.23 km
Time 56:39
Elevation Gain 15,030 m
Avg Speed 15.9 km/h
Avg HR 160 bpm
Calories 43,380 C

Was going great till thyroid issues forced 4 months of no exercise, lost so much cardio fitness and gained too much weight. Finding it hard to find the motivation to start training again.

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Not so good this year, shoulder injury late in the second half did me in. So I'm on the trainer now for at least another 2 months, however, I am determined to make up lost ground once I get back on the track in Mar/Apr, so watch this space in 2012.

jdb hang in there, maybe we can head off to Jenny Craigs together in the New Year?

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Total Km: 3,281.6 kms
Total Time: 232 hrs
Avg Speed: 14.1 km/h
Avg HR: 133 bpm
Total Ascent: 52,279m

Not as good as last year, which came to about 3,800km. But 1014km of the above was on knobblies compared to 700 last year, and not included is 16 or so hours on the spin bike compared to 5 and a half last year.

Aiming to stay injury-free and do better this year.

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Jay, kick start your 2012 season off and join me for a spin Smiling

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My year is not worth posting.

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I got fat and lazy for the whole year , beat that .

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Total KMTotal TimeAverage SpeedAverage HR Max HR
2976 kms 284 hrs 10.50 km/h 139.5 bpm 190.0 bpm
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I'm sure i did more... Smiling
stuff that's not on the Garmin Smiling

KMS: 1,322.98
TIME: 91:04:20
ELEV GAIN: 18,708
AV SPD: 14.4
AV HR:150
CALORIES: 59,968

Here's to a top 2012 Smiling

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I only got my Garmin in May 2011 so I have roughly double the data shown below but it's still pretty average compared with everyone else!

Count: 24 Activities
Distance: 359.83 km
Time: 25:39:54 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 7,037 m
Avg Speed: 13.6 km/h
Avg HR: 143 bpm
Calories: 14,809 C

Points for trying though right?!?

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Count: 190 Activities
Distance: 6,729.13 km
Avg Distance: 35.42 km
Time: 392:31:09 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 101,290 m
Avg Speed: 17.7 km/h
Avg HR: 127 bpm

Did 21 races. 9 on the dark side, 6 100k marathons, 1 club day, 1 teams event and a few other shorter races. And how could I forget the 6+6 in 47 degree heat.
More importantly I finally beat my younger bro in a 100k race.'s picture

Distance: 6386
Ave speed: 23.8
Ave HR: 135
Climbing: 71 km

But the sad part is mtb only 652 km, at an average speed of 14.6 km.

Gone from an mtb'er who trains on the road to a roadie who does a bit of mtb.

But what do you do when you live in the inner west? Hope to do more dirt km this year an improve skills.

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I did around 1500km off road
500km on road
Broke 4 bikes (3 mtn, 1 road)
Put myself in hospital twice
Im still alive and somehow still married with children...
This year should be double the k's with the plan of no broken bits etc.
Happy New Year!!

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and 10 kgs-ive gotya covered!!Eye-wink

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=better breathing=more weight-I'd say about=

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Not so many km's, (1077) - more a year of the following:-

  • Riding with some really good crew.
  • Meeting new people on the trails and having a chat.
  • Conquering that bloody hill out of Bedford Creek!
  • Riding my local with a huge grin on my face.
  • Seeing a mate really enjoy getting back into riding
  • The February BMORC bash ride
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone
  • Never leaving a man (or woman) behind

All the best for 2012 everyone!

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and i intend to be on the bike more than ever,started today with an urban ride from bronte to erskinville n back with some play time in the old trainyard/carriage works in redfern.then its royal nat park (first time)tomorrow.then ourimbah then glenrock and john hunter then kiwarrak-its gonna be a great week!then in feb its back to manage a lodge in perisher and play in jindy and thredbo=tis a hard life indeed!here's to smashing it on the trails in 2012! Eye-wink

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Activities Total KM Total Time Average Speed Average HR
86 1,075.04 128:26:19 8.4 138
Elevation Gain Elevation Loss
18,782 19,807

Im assuming elevation is in metres

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give me a shout when you get up this way if you want someone to ride through Glenrock with, also depending on the day Awaba as well.

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somethings wrong!!!!
Garmin wasn't uploading my data from my 705 so i took everyones advice and moved to strava, pressed upload and it's been searching for activities for ever now.
The activities are on the Garmin as i can search my history and they're there!
I F@#%ing hate technology!

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Cant get Nov or Dec up yet but,
Distance, 5135km
Time, 270hrs
Elivation gain, 96148m
Av speed 19kmh
av HR 137bpm
calories, 198675
What seems interesting is my average time is 1hr 31min
Average distance, 28.85km,
Put that with my average speed of 19kmh and i think ive been doing a lot of Mtb and local hill rides on the road rather than long distance road riding.
Especially when my longest ride was 118km!

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Pretty Slow year for me, but it was all done on a MTB, and there is a lot of DH data in the mix here!

Total KM:1289 kms
Total Time: 162hr 30min
Average Speed: 8.3km/h
Average HR: 138bpm

Average time was 1hr 26min, with the average distance per session being 12.39km. Give that most of that was DH, that's not too bad I reckon.

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A year off for me because of the little boy.

Still, I got a race in and a few rides to work.

Total KM: 2,012.35 km
Total Time: 110:27:33 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 36,077 m
Average Speed: 18.2 km/h
Average HR: 81 % of Max

Compared to the year before

Total KM: 11,338.61 km
Total Time: 547:52:25 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 181,404 m
Average Speed: 21.0 km/h
Average HR: 72 % of Max

That heart rate is telling - Ouch Eye-wink

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Clocked just over 2000km, about a third of that on 1 wheel. have put in a lot in the last 5 months of the year and carried through Christmas strongly.

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Well, so far this year I've passed my 2011 ( total kms Smiling

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Little down this year for me. Not sure why just didn't do the ks though did have some quality rides
Total KMTotal TimeAverage SpeedAverage HR
3754kms 204hrs 18.3km/h 135bpm
Also if you wish
Total AscentTotal Descent
46676m 47070
A little more DH without recording it this year but still not heaps maybe a couple of dozen runs. So how'd you all go
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Well, here's my total as of this morning. An improvement on last year by about 687km. Off road km fell to 23% though. Puzzled

Sorry no "full html" option, so bordrs not working Sad

Total KMTotal TimeAverage SpeedAverage HR

5845 kms 365.3 hrs 16.0 km/h 133 bpm

And ...

Total AscentTotal Descent

91,198m 93,564m

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Big Year for 2013, more off the bike than anything with buying a house, having our first kid and getting married. So spent 8 weeks off the bike during the year. However still decent numbers and managed to get some decent results on the road this year with a couple of podiums and some respectable results in NSW Opens:

Distance: 10,802.2km
Time: 359h 25m
Elevation Gain: 132,910m
Rides: 229

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Hmm, been better years... Biking concerned

Bought a 'renovator' in February, had 2nd child in August (15 months after the 1st!) = 520km, 9,000 odd metres climbing and 18 rides... Shouldn't be too hard to beat that next year!!

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Consistently riding to work, a decent training plan and some major goals saw the following stats for 2013...

Distance 12,967.2km
Time 551h 28m
Elevation 201,545m

Biggest year yet. Next year will be bigger and very interesting.

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300 rides
10091 k's
421 hrs
155598 m climbing

not enough dirt rides and a lot of commuting kilometers.

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No accidents !
71000m vertical
60% Mtb
40% road
No commuting, just a handful of events, lots of social rides and a few solo training rides.

Dicko's picture

Big year for me and the boys / girls at SXC Racing (

14,390 km
227,805 m climbing
575 hrs
296 rides

SXC Racing was formed, with many successes across the board - thanks team.

Personally, winning the 2013 Australian Marathon Champs has been my greatest success.

Thanks to all who have supported me and the team and successes:

Essential Sports Performance Nutrition
Round the World Experts
Cyclery Northside and Specialized

Lach's picture

143 rides
321 hours
80.6kms climbing.

All on one mtb or another. No breakdown of dirt vs hard stuff. No commuting. Two countries, 3 States, 2 Territories.

Must have been a bit of this sort of checking going on as the Garmin website was down for a while today....

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2013 was a big year for me. Breaking the year into two seasons it has actually felt like two years packed into one.

I started getting coached for the second half of 2013 which saw my greatest improvements. I got my first individual podium at the Kowalski (3rd Men Vets) along with a couple of SXC Racing team podiums.

Now for the stats.

591 hrs
261 rides

Barnsy's picture

13500kms for the year
231000mtrs climbing

About 3500kms more than last year.
Biggest ride 210kms
Most fun, and wet was an MTb social ride through Newnes and Wolgan.

Flynny's picture

Awesome work barnsy

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I can't find all my data on Strava but i've only clocked 344hrs and 7305km riding last year.
Can't find total altitude or anything more.
I did a lot on the trainer earlier in the year and didn't record any of it.

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No idea of total km's or elevation change.

Can you get an app that logs total number of jumps? Average jump height, length or air time? Or perhaps maximum/average g force in a berm? I think these are the important things to keep track of.

Other good things from the year include:
- a Rotorua trip in June
- many excellent post-ride cafe breakfasts
- I didn't break any body parts (except maybe a rib)
- the tracks keep getting betterer

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I had beaten my 2012 stats before the Winter of 2013, by the end I had pulverised 2012 into dust. Very pleased with my 2013 performance. Although I must admit that most of my large rides have been on the roadie or cyclocross.

Rides: 107
Time: 167hr17min
Traveled: 2879km
Climbed: 31.755km

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