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Newtons Nation. We're back, partnered with Rocky Trail!!

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By Flynny - Posted on 10 February 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

It's on again the best action sports and music festival this side of the big bang.

April 27-29th

This year we partnering up with Rocky Trail Entertainment to bring you 3 days of the best fun you'll have with your clothes on*

The Short course DH is back at the same track with some added features, including a turboed up start ramp, and better access to the bottom.

Trials and Dual Slalom both make a come back to.

Festival pass for entrants is back so if you want to give it a go but haven't to all the DH kit have a crack at the slalom, you'll love it.

We'll also need volunteers so if you are free and willing to help out don't hesitate to drop me a line.

for those who aren't sure what the fuss is about


*The pants optional crew are not guaranteed to remain fully clothed all weekend.

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Splitting up DS and 4X?

Thats a shame... Sad

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Maybe, but not when you consider the rest of what you get at Newtons.

Ask anyone who has been to the previous ones. First year we just did Slalom and had 70 riders and remember it's more than just a race your entry gets you a festival pass to view all the other sports and the music. Smiling

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Yep, it is a shame, because the 4X state champs are on the same weekend at Ebeneezer. So it's one or the other, and Ebeneezer 4X is the gun!

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festival includes

Glass Towers
Luke Cleland
Jordan Millar!

Check out later today for the rest

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Run of the slalom track along side one of the trail builders Frnaky.

Trying to keep together for photo ops

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short snippet from Friday practice

If any one is keen: Weather is perfect. its 100m push from bottom of track to buses, buses are waiting on riders and you can still enter up til 11am tomorrow

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Its on lets go!

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