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Now thats just plain spooky!

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By Mamil - Posted on 10 March 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

So there was this thread started by someone who wanted to buy Ortleib panniers, and they couldn't buy them from the usual UK suspects anymore cos the Oz distributor has got to them, and stopped them shipping to Oz. So I suggested some German online retailers instead... then all of a sudden... poof - the thread disappears completely!

Please, please don't tell me the thread was pulled because it touched on the unmentionalble practice of buying online from abroad!?! I thought these forums were non-commercial club forums, where we could discuss what we wanted without censorship - unlike most of the commercially sponsored forums who have to keep their sponsors happy?

What's going on mods?

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It was this site that got me into buying on line. If there was any policy about the subject here, it would be that distributors need to stop being so greedy with such high margins so the local bike shops can be more competitive.

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yes very spooky. I seems to have gone into cyber space. I was going to look at the German site.

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It's to do with the global-riders syndication. I have sent a pm to Rob.

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Similarly, I replied to a post from Pierre about a Capital Punishment entry for sale and it too has spookily disappeared into cyberspace. Luckily, another entry popped up for sale.

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Try BNA forums

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The only post I ever made that disappeared was one I made after several wines. It wasn't offensive or anything, but it was plain gibberish.

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I've never seen any moderation here (excuse the pun) except for moving posts into appropriate sections

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Ok, looks like I over-reacted with the conspiracy theory stuff!

Mods just moved the original post to 'shopping' forum, and the syndication feature doesn't seem to work too well when posts are moved, so it disappeared completely from my local forum!

Sorry! Hangs head in shame and returns to lurking for a while...

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Just long enough to head over to one of the German online stores and stock up on Ortlieb related products! There are some fancy 30th anniversary panniers available if you are so interested in a map of the world on your bag...


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