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The Quarry

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By Muninjitsu - Posted on 02 May 2012

There has been a fair amount of bush rock being brought in lately, this is one of two piles I saw today.

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Here's the other pile.

Note how they are right in the middle of the DH track.

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Looks like some rock walls to block sections of the track.

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Its council getting ready for the build, we asked for the rocks.

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And they gave you big ones too. Are we going to cut some down or utilize as as?

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Rocks that size mean earthmoving equipment! Sweet.

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Massive kicker after the FT start Smiling

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You don't want to be cutting sandstone unless you have really expensive equipment, virtually noting is more abrasive on diamond blades than sandstone!

Im guessing the might be chiseling or spiting it to size, however the cleavage of sandstone isn't condusive for splitting.

Getting to the point,


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Smiling finally something to smile about!

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cleavage Smiling

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