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Photo caption contest anyone to while away a rainy afternoon?

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By Mamil - Posted on 09 May 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

My offering:

"Which way did you say this friggin quick release opens..."

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I know you said you wanted Lizard Skins but isn't this taking things a bit too far!

Hop fiend's picture

a stick just broke some of my spokes!!!

cruzer's picture

And this is how bear grylls changes a flat when he hasn't got a spare tube...

Jake_WAMBA's picture

if he had run tubeless, he wouldn't have got this snakebite

ptpete's picture

look man, I'm not sure about this idea.....just go the peg and cardboard. it will still sound cool!

Thats not want i meant by "do a snakey round this corner"

hawkeye's picture

Nyoman was furious with Made.

"You really should be more careful where you keep your Great Indonesian Trouser Snake. I'm sick of it getting caught in my spokes when I try to go around you!"

Jake_WAMBA's picture

Samuel L Jackson's new movie: Snakes in a Frame

Cotic Tony's picture

1. Giant snake ate my Giant!

2. I was just riding along & ........

3. I told you no pets allowed for this very reason!

4. Is that a Hutchinson? (cryptic)

Flynny's picture

Help, a gang of latinos are steeling my bike

whiskers's picture

ok when you get about here lean forward.

GonzoRacing's picture

boys, think got a slow leak, keep hearing a hisssssssss

Matt P's picture

Whilst Reg the python distracted the riders, Dave the water bottle made his slow bid for freedom..........

(bottom right corner).

moggio's picture

"Oh f*&k!!! Not again!"

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I ride Singapore regularly and am always on the lookout for black Cobra's. My brother laughs and says it's the Reticulated Pythons that are more likely to get me as we ride along and it would take more than the 2 of us to get it off....

mikethebike's picture

I tell ya it's gonna work....tubeless tyres will be a thing of the past!

Oldernslower's picture

I keep telling ya, snake pee does not stop ya brakes from squealing.

Friggin Schwalbe have got a complaint coming re their f*%^&@g snake skins.

Ever since put these Schwalbe snake skins on they keep trying to f*#k me bike.

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I keep telling you guys that this snake is too dumb to learn how to ride a bike!

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he fellas, look i just caught one of those two wheel things that ran over peter python last week

trancex3's picture

" dude, can't we just whack some more "Stan's" sealant in there instead? This is gross"

" it's ok, it's ok, I got the back tyre....."

cruzer's picture

Oh... I thought you said instead of gels, bring a packet of snakes or a killer python!!!

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This was a rare and particularly dangerous south-east Asian mountain bike.
Four riders pounced on the bike to hold it down, while one removed the bait carefully.
Note the handlers are all wearing protective jerseys, gloves, helmets and glasses.

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"Jesus Christ Lee! We told you at the trail head to keep it in your pants. Lycra is bad enough"

whiskers's picture

So thats how single trak's made...

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c'mon really my question is how the hell did someone miss seeing a snake that big on the track??

Lach's picture

I just heard it go "hissss" and then the wheel locked up...

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