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By mrptl - Posted on 28 May 2012

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Does anybody use OpenMTBmap?

I will be curious to see how the maps looks like for Australia.
There are no previews / screenshots for the area, and the only way to see is to pay… heu sorry donate.

Let me know also if you're using it on your Garmi; will be curious too if it does work well on it.

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I've been using OpenMTB maps on my GPS for years. It's much easier to read than the standard OSM maps. You don't have to pay or donate. You'll need to download Garmin Mapsource or Garmin Basecamp to view the maps. I don't use the auto-routing much as I usually know roughly where I'm going anyway. I've mapped every single track within about 20km of my home. All the good MTB trails are on OSM.

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Sorry you got me confuse.
Don't you have to install the map onto the microSD to view then on the Garmin?
I don't understand why you need Mapsource of Basecamp to view the maps…?

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I assumed you didn't have a Garmin and just wanted to view the maps. If you have Mapsource on your computer, just download the map and then use Mapsource to transfer it to your Garmin. That's the way I've always done it.

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Where can you download OpenMTBmap for free? Can't find the link.

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I don't use OpenMTBmap, but I know the OSM maps they are based on are about to go through a major database purge. Much of the map will be deleted soon and we'll(OSM mappers) have to start build again. I suspect OpenMTBmap will ride out the change, but there might not be many updates for a while.

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I think the change only affects data supplied by people that haven't agreed to the license terms.

Hmm.. Looks like you have to pay now for the OpenMTB version.

Louis the OpenMTB map uses exactly the same data as the normal OSM maps but the lines for MTB trails are rendered brighter and wider so they're easier to see on a GPS. You can still download the normal OSM maps free.

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I wish that was true Zoom. They are saying anything that was added after a decliner will also be deleted. I like many others have stopped mapping and are waiting for the switch over. Many others are now deleting data and adding it back in to avoid this problem. PM me if you want to talk about it.

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A bit of and found the link where to download it,
but it's a .exe and I'm on mac.

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Why would you decline to accept the license conditions?

Go here to see what will be affected.

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Mr Louis, I haven't downloaded maps for a while, and I just had to dump the img file in the right folder on the SD card(for a car Garmin GPS). You might have to jump on a Windows PC.

You can build and download your own file online from memory. Might not be as good as OpenMTBmap. I'd just donate some money if you can.

@Zoom. Long story Ask these people.

You can find most of them here on the own fork.!forum/osm-fork

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All the stuff I've added appears to be safe.

Nice to see I'm 11th on the OSM Merit ranking.

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