Lithgow idea

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By deadparrot - Posted on 07 July 2012

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Flynny idea...... Smiling

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Flynny idea and such a great idea that I stole it (BTW Deadparrot = Gus)

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Hey Gus, been using them out at Rydal for swampy areas and up on Pony to armour up the steep bits

Made by my mate at Hand Made.

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great idea, I put it in a message to some of the BMORC guys that are working on Knapsack Reserve, as it may be of use to us in some sections if BMCC allows it.

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NPs are interested in them.
easy to cart in and if needed can be pinned in place with a bit of reo bar

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Flynny, smartest man in Lithgow!!

They are great.... what are they made from, just concrete?

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Depends on your budget. Concrete is cheap. The ones we mix ourselves we colour to get a more natural look. After a couple of rides over them you barely notice they are there.

Heres an example of how we use them on the DH track to armour the grade reversal scollops. The idea is to prevent erosion and control sediment by getting tyres off the dirt where water will run across the trail

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Its great to see this application of a material that we would normally see in the hundreds of kilometres of footpath through our city, I can't see any of the environmentally aware groups casting aspersions at this great idea, especially considering the long term end result is that the blocks blend in and become quite unobtrusive.

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Interesting that the NPWS are interested in them!

You could call it FlynnRock (in homage to that great 80s invention that never went anywhere Synrock.)

I imagine they have a much lower environmental effect in that you aren't having to source large amounts of bushrock from somewhere and then move it in.

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