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Weekend IMBA Workshop Training for BMORC with the NPWS

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By moggio - Posted on 20 August 2012

BMORC had their 2nd IMBA training workshop over the weekend. This included some "class" work but mostly a large amount of practical work on the trails at Yarramundi NP.

With the combined knowledge and input of Marty from IMBA and Scott from the NPWS there was an amazing level of practical knowledge and experience for us to all take on board.

Having the theory explained again from various perpsectives, discussed in detail and then approached in a practical manner was a very effective way to obtain knowledge and experience.

Its interesting seeing people developing their own specialities and understandings with everyone working as teams and using various perspectives to isolate problems, work out solutions and then finally impliment them.

Also a big thanks to Paul and the NPWS at Yarramundi for nuturing this relationship with riders and the park such that it is beneficial to all involved parties.

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I thought the best part of it was walking the trail and trying to work out fixes to problems.

and having a few new faces getting involved

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Yes Al I have to agree, it was great walking through and discussing why certain parts of track had held up and why so many sections hadn't, when you apply the class knowledge to what you can see first hand it goes a long way to understanding why the guide lines work.
Thanks to all who really got into the construction, personally I didn't feel the need but was really glad I came along to better understand some of the aspects missing from the knowledge I already had.

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While everyone was doing some Practical, I wandered off and done some nicks in various places that needed it. Then Would drop back and forth to test ride the work you guys where doing Smiling

Was a great day, would love to do some more follow up work with the beneficial resources NPWS helped us with. Big Thanks to Paul, Scott and Vickii Laughing out loud

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Let's take a look at the schedule and work out where we can slot in a day Tim.

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Thanks to all involved.

I really enjoyed the weekends' education and the chance to take part. I now have a much better understanding of why a trail sometimes has to be a certain way and why a certain feature is sometimes needed. Marty and Scott know their trail building!

Good also to meet a bunch of like minded people.

Can't wait to go back to yellowmundee and see it once it's all bedded in.

Also can't wait to do more work whenever the opportunty is there. Please let me know if there's any trail days coming up anywhere - yellowmundee, oaks, knapsack. Wherever!

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