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Wheel Build

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By DaleW - Posted on 13 September 2012

Hi guys,

After folding a front wheel I am looking to get a decent set built up to suit general use, XC, 100kg rider, 29" wheels.

I would welcome comment please on:
- Local(ish) wheel builder
- Ballpark cost to build (excluding parts)
- Most economic way to source rims/hubs/spokes
- Any other recommendations

Thank you all.

[Mod. moved to shopping as this is asking for local knowledge]

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Not knowing a lot about 29er wheels, but for you i wouls suggest having a talk to Aubrey at bike minded in Wentworth Falls, they have extensive knowledge in 29inch wheels, things will ultimately depend on how much you want to spend and what quality you seek and what type of riding it will have to cope with, i noticed you are from springwood so i would assume you will ride some techy rocky type of trails, so you may look to go with a stronger type of wheelset, which will make it heavier, that is the trade off you can expect.
I have just built up a new wheelset, while not really worrying about weight, i have gone with Roval rims(light), dt spokes(lightish)dt brass nipples(lightish)and Chris King heavy duty hubs(heavyish), all this is a enduro build that will last, but it will be weighty.
Talk to bike minded, they are expert on 29er stuff up here!

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Oops, double posted

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Costs and weights are the 2 biggest factors. The heavier the wheel set the more power it will take to get the wheels to spin, keep spinning and are slower to stop when braking. A lighter wheel set will start spinning quicker, less force to keep them spinning and will stop quicker when breaking. This is physics.

I've been told not to use the colour full anodised nipples as they are to week. Go with brass nipples as the are stronger and last longer.

Bought my own 29 rim and hub online and got Blackmans to do the build and they also supplied the nipples and spokes. I'm sorry but I can't remember how much they charged me for it.

It may be worth looking at prebuilt wheel sets as it can be cheaper in the end. Not always, more 50/50 depending on choice of parts.

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Thank you both BM Epic and ChopStiR. I appreciate your time. Valuable thoughts from both.

I hope to cross paths with you later in the year - when the wheels are built/bought and the body is fixed.


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you could buy a set of carbon one piece wheels, they are very expensive but nice.

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Have a look at Fulcrum Red Power 29XL MTB Wheelset.
Under 2000grams a pair for a 29er wheelset, reputable brand with quality components.
Are currently available through Wiggle for $327!!!!!
This low rotational mass will serve you well and are available in both 9mm and 15mm (FOX) front hubs. Change to tubeless and enjoy even more benefits.
Only problems you may encounter is you have not stated what brakes you are running, if Shimano centrelock, you will unfortunately bomb out, other than that this wheelset should accept both 9 & 10 speed cassettes.
Worth checking out.

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