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Port Macquarie tracks

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By VC - Posted on 15 October 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Going to port macquarie in a few weeks , anyone know of some good riding up there ?

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Refer above.
From the local 5km single track around Wayne Richards Oval in the centre of town, to
Tele point the local clubs track, and everything else in between.
Gordon Street cycles will point you in the right direction.
Also Taree just down the road as well.

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Great fun track. Not too much elevation, lots of features. The small downhill sections full of berms is great fun!

One potential 'drop off' to be aware of. There's a sign or two posted with two arrows pointing down. Nothing unridable, but it caught me unawares on my 1st lap.

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I rode queens lake trails on the weekend ,entered from Houston Mitchel drive near lake cathie, absolutely fantastic, loads of great MTB specific trails.
some of the best riding in the state! Smiling

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I knew i could get some well informed answers from the NobMobbers, thank you.

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The Urban MTB Park at Wayne Richards Park is great. It is very twisty and winds around one side of the soccer fields. Telegraph Point is also pretty good to.

This is a video of the bean field berms at the urban mtb track:
and a map:

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