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smarter race. almost

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By Flynny - Posted on 13 November 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Re: This ride meeting: 
2012 CTMBC Here Comes the Sun #9

Every week I head out to Rydal, set up the track and tell myself "I'm not going to sprint off the start this week. I haven't got that fitness."

Every week I line up at the start (no warm up), give the speech, say "Every one ready, set, Go!"

Every week we take off the red mist descends and I bust my gut to get a good spot into the single track, send my heart rate through the roof and then blow up trying to keep my spot.

every week I die in the arse in the second or third lap, get heart rate back under control then come home strongish but suffering

Occasionally, very occasionally I've been disciplined enough not to do that and build my way into a race. Tonight was one such occasion.

I deliberately lined up a couple back from start. Got a good start but didn't push that extra bit in an attempt to hit St first. I moved up a couple of spots and settled in behind Jonesy. It was his first race back for a bit but he was setting a pace that was pushing me but not uncomfortably. Heart rate peaked at about 184 off the start but quickly settles at around a more sustainable 170.

Dave asked if I wanted to pass. Um I thought about it, Dukesie has taken off as usual and openned up a bit of a gap but I thought he wasn't going out as hard as last week

So I stayed were I was. Jonesy was setting a nice pace that kept us in contact with Barnsie in second so I was comfortable to stay there for a bit.

I think it was start of second lap he pulled off and waved me pass. Um Ok.

I upped the pace a little. I could see Barnsie had caught Gaz in front and felt I could sprint up to them but in another rare display of self restraint decided it would be better to bide my time, ride my own race and see what happened rather than try and make up all the time all at once.

This track config is probably the one that suits me most. Not Much fire trail, lots of corners and the up hills are short, a little pinchy and twisty where I can hold speed on some of the off camber corners.

I was slowly closing the gap but up front Barnsey had got around Gaz. A bit of friendly trash talk and Barnsey put the hammer down a bit and opened another gap. I settled behind Gaz and tried to pace myself. It worked well as he dragged me up the hill then as we hit the little fire rd I slipped around. I could still see Barnsie out front but Rydal is deceptive so I wasn't sure just how far in front he was.

We come through timing and started the last lap. I thought he had a commanding lead but I was feeling good and was determined to make my last lap my fastest.

We worked our way up the climb, I was just happy if I could match his pace and not let him get further in front. Towards the top I felt he hadn't made any more ground on me and as he went around the pine tree I marked it and started to count.

15seconds. I reckon he had 15 seconds on me. I told myself that wasn't much. with no big hill I convinced myself I had the advantage. We hit the ST for the run home. 15 seconds. Once again I stayed disciplined. I didn't need to make it up all at once There is about 250 corners between here and the end. If I could make up a little time each corner and not loose any on the little sprints in between it was doable

We hit the bottom of the track and I'm slowly catching up. I'm within striking distance as we start the little climb up towards the finish. There very little passing opportunities but I round a corner and look up and he is right there.

I'm sure I can get on his wheel out of the next sequence of corners, I'm normally reasonable quick through here. I'm watching Barnsie, about 10m in front. Thinking if I get on his wheel I can pressure him in the next lot of tight stuff hoping to force him into a mistake, if not I probably wont get passed but at lest we can have a sprint finish.

It's just as this is going through my mind, in between corners, when I realise I'm being flung over the bars... I go down hard. Dick head! what happened to ridding my own race. I was too focused on where Barnes was and what he was doing. That momentary laps of concentration cost me. Still have no idea what caught me out.

I jump up, Buggar. Chain is jammed. Derailleur took a whack. Shit. I've lost Barnsy but Gaz, Gaz and Brett aint that far behind.

I get things going get back on and do my best not to get caught.

Managed to finished second. Not bad.

Even with the stack I had a lot of fun.

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