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Man vs Ground

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By J the B - Posted on 16 December 2012


I didn't even take a divot.

Stupidest bloody thing you've ever seen: pop off a pebble, land with wheel turned, arse-over-tit. I'm still bloody swearing at the idea of it. I'm sure I could have recovered by running off the track, but there was a bloody tree in the road, and the organism panicked, "Tree! Tree!", and so I didn't straighten the wheel, just tacoed the damned thing and shoulder charged the ground like I was a centre-row forward. That ground was HARD. I knew, with complete certainty, the instant I hit, that I was stuffed; collarbone was the very first thought I had, and I actually yelled "No! No! No!" as I staggered to my feet, scaring the shit out of Andy who was right behind me. I was so angry at myself. It was only a bloody tea-tree; I should have taken it on.

But, amazingly, no break. a sprain of the AC joint is what I've got, after stretching the joint open on impact.

So here I am, arm in a sling, general anaesthetic in a bottle, thanking my lucky stars. Who knows how long I'm out for; these days my ligaments take forever to heal.

Thanks to Andy for scraping me off the ground, shovelling me into the car and taking me to the hospital for X-rays.

Bugger this jumping nonsense. I'm too old for this shit. My wheels stay on the ground from here on in.

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Damn Jim thats bloody awful... busted bike is a bummer but a nasty injury like that is really bad. Hope it heals quicker than one would expect... I think you will end up in the air again too!

I also can't help but wonder off which pebble it was?

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Bummer Jim. I didn't think riders with your class and grace had these kind of moments. Smiling I mean we have seen your exit skills on the BMORC bash last year.

Get well soon and hope your collarbone heels straight.

trim's picture

Not good news, but glad to hear you're well enough already to blog cleverly about the event. Gotta agree with Mog, that you'll be back to your usual self sooner than you know!

Andy Bloot's picture

It certainly wasn't a pretty sight and surprised you didn't break anything
But that is the best taco'd wheel I've seen

You probably won't be popping off anything for a few weeks (Sticking out tongue)
But after a while you can't help but easing those wheels off the ground again

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Hey Jim
I was just talking to Vince
He's concerned it was your flogging arm
He did his flogging arm a while back and it was hell
But he has some tips to get you through if needed Sticking out tongue

Andy Bloot's picture

Was a bit concerned so rang Jim
All good - it wasn't his flogging arm
But maybe you could make a sticky Vince for anyone in that predicament in the future

moggio's picture

Andy your avatar is looking more and more appropriate day by day!!!

hathill's picture

Glad it's not too serious Jim.
You could straighten that wheel you know Eye-wink
You'll be known from now on as

Andy Bloot's picture

Mark - you mean more handsome???

As to where it happened
On the reverse loop on the section I call Blue Tongue (after the beer)
Which comes out onto the rocky descent that turns left to Escher or straight onto Barrel o Monkeys

So on Blue T just after you cross the overgrown trail that I was looking at sweeping last week
Someone has put a little rock kicker on the left before the final turns onto the descent

It's not a big kicker but does inspire a few extra pedal strokes for max speed
It's a descending landing into a slight turn and can be tricky
Jim was leading as I had a pulsing hangover, but up his clacker to keep the heat on

We crash a lot up here (well, me usually) and laugh it off
But as soon as i saw the tumble of bike and body it didn't look funny
He landed facing me and the look on his face confirmed it was the opposite of funny
He got up in obvious pain clutching his shoulder yelling
A lot of us have been in the same situation and know you just need to ride out the pain until it stabilises
So I picked his bike up and was going to say 'bikes Ok mate, how are you'
But the front wheel looked like a Pringles potato crisp so i didn't mention it

It's a sad thing walking out with an injured mate knowing that you won't be riding together again until further notice
And the uncertainty of the extent of the injury and all his Chrissy plans etc were now up in the air
It's a crappy situation anytime, but just before Xmas...

But that's mountain biking
I'm 2 months back after surgery and Jim is just beginning his recuperation
But he still has one good arm so expect him up at Scribbs after the holidays, rake in hand ready to sweep

moggio's picture

Yeah that is it... just like the avatar, much more handsome! (gives awkward smile and backs out of room slowly with no sudden movements, then runs like hell!)

I have a map in my head up there of all the places where people have busted some part of themselves or had gnarly crashes I have seen... oh and all the places where you come across snakes. Its like little sections of danger!!!

Very bad time of year for this and its always surprising how it can come out of nowhere... a good fun ride can just turn to an incident. Riding with Todd was like that for a while.

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