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Hazelbrook Dirt Jump

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By stephen - Posted on 08 January 2013

Don't know if anyone on here does dirt jump but I walked passed the Hazelbrook dirt jump site last night and noticed council have been in and cleaned up all the scrub (Poisoned the weeds) around the track so it's all pretty open and looking good at the moment. I am more inclined to let my boys go down and mess arounds now.

I figure it's probably one of the only legal dirt jump sites in the mountains, looks like it's getting a bit more use that It usually does.

Cnr Oaklands Road and Hall Pde Hazelbrook if anyone wants to know its location.

Maybe needs an entry in the trail database??

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There are four legal sites. Blackheath Aerodrome, Blackheath; Pitt Park, Wentworth Falls; Oaklands Road, Hazelbrook; Olivet Street, Glenbrook.

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I thought the only other was Blackheath one because of the controversy, I didn't realise they had the Glenbrook one. Does it and wenty get used?

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Lennox jumps at Glenbrook don't get used much. Couldn't comment about others. Smiling

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That's right I just remembered you have taken me through there before.

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