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The Oaks trail status?

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By beanie - Posted on 06 April 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey, Planning a trip to The Oaks tomorrow with my old man an a mate of his.. the haven't ridden much and I wanted to give them a good experience so I was wondering if someone can give me an update on the current conditions of The Oaks trail? Has it been a lot of rain there the last few days, and how does this impact the trail? Thanks!!

Also, anyone tried a Cyclocross on The Oaks?

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The oaks is pretty smooth at the moment due to the fire trucks crushing the rocks during back burning, but they have left it sandy which the rain should have bedded in nicely. Cyclocross will be fine.

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Doesn't look like there's been too much rain up that way, but it mightn't hurt to check with the Glenbrook NP office about water levels at the causeway. It's a long ride back to Woodford....

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I rode it today. The top half to the heliport is OK. Dead Mans corner is broken up a bit and care may need to taken.There are a few puddles on the single track. The water level at the causeway is OK. It's still under the walkway.

Have a good ride!!!!

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Seen much worse than a CX bike on the Oaks. It will be fine, maybe a little slow in the rough sections.

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+1 what Chuck said.

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Thanks all!

We had a great ride, the weather gods showed us mercy and the track was nice. We had a good ride despite the fact that I got a few flats on the CX, may have been a bit to eager as it was my first ride on it.. what to say, I HAD to test it properly!!

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