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Mudgee trails

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By ahein - Posted on 13 October 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all I am travelling to mudgee next weekend and wanted to see if anyone knew any good trails up there or had some links to maps of the trails.


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Bit of stuff around Mudgee itself apparently.

Back out near Kandos you have some nice stuff in Clandulla SF.

Not too helpful but thats all I know

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Mudgee has a local cycling club with a MTB division. Give them an email and see if they have a trail map or other info. if you can't find anything

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There are some really good trails around Mudgee. Here's a link to a short report I did on them a while ago.

To get to them, go up common road in Glen Ayr and you'll see the start at the ebd of the dirt road.

It was a while ago that I last rode there so they should be even better now.

Have fun!

Edit, here's a link to the ride I did. There are heaps more trails and I don't know if I was even riding them the right direction!

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Thanks for your help guys. I will report back on how the trails are after I get back

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There is a group on Facebook called Mudgee MTB (does this link work:

A mate of mine lives up there, so if you'd like I can put you in contact.

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Will head up with you next time

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Looking on their FB page, it looks like great things are afoot for the trails there. World Trail getting involved can only be a good thing.

I'm there in a couple of weeks for the Rhylstone Street Feast but I'll be taking my bike for a spin while I'm in town.

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Hi guys I took a ride around the mudgee common this morning and there are a lot of trails, in fact I was slightly overwhelmed as I didn't quite know where to go and were each trails ends up. Overall there are some really nice single trail, berms and jumps. I think I might need to explore a bit more next time now I know my way back to the start

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Are there any signs up yet?

I'll see if I can get a local to show me round when I'm up next. As you say, so many trails, it's easy to get overwhelmed .

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I couldn't see any signs when I was going around

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