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Emu Heights to Yellomundee

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By cambo - Posted on 26 January 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Does anyone know if you can ride trails from Emu Heights and link up with Yellomundee Regional park? If so anything one needs to be mindful of?

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I've done it in the other direction but managed to end up climbing fireroads all the way to East Blaxland.
I think if you go along Wedmore rd from Old Bathurst, on to Riverside rd then dog-leg on to Riverbank dv you'll make it on to the fireroad.
The fireroad follows the river with a few steep pinches and is very sandy. Well worth the ride.

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I tried it some years ago and gave up. Its a tough unforgiving ride. Big pinches, slow rocky downhills into 90 degree corners of sand and rocks. There was trees down on track, snakes, and some bits overgrown. Lots of walking up hills for me.

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It is possible to travel from Emu Heights to Yellomundee via the fire road. I road it in the reverse direction around September(i think) last year on my cyclocross. Was capable of riding roughly 90% of the 7km and I'm not the fittest rider weighing in at around 125kg. At the time it had recently been bushwacked with all the weeds cut back. Not sure how its looking now.

One problem though. There is another gate roughly 100m before the firetrail gate at the Emu Heights end. When I was last there a new house was being built at the end of river rd and they where redirecting the the existing driveway(access rd) to switch back and climb with a lower grade. There was also a tonne of homemade "private property" signs at the start and along the 100m access road. I do not know the full story and if the access runs through private property or not. I need to give council a buzz to try and get some answers.

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I used to do that ride a fair bit as a teenager. Even the last time I rode it probably 6 years ago as Tim says it looked like the locals were trying to stop people getting in and out via there.
We also used to ride down the fire trail at the end of Mt Riv and meet the river track, but it's probably been 10 years since I dropped down that.

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Tim I dont think that the 100m of so called private road is actually private. This is a fire trail and has right of way for public access. May need to confirm though.

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The start of Ingar runs through private property so its possible its the same here. Not exactly sure how we go about getting an official answer.

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I rode it yesterday from Yellowmundee to Emu Heights, I spoke to a couple walking on the trail between the gates and their understanding of the private access signs are to discourage motorised bikes and 4WD which are still tearing up the area. Actual legalities she did not know but said no problem for Pushy's and walkers, her advice was just stay on the main trail as it is all private land on the river side of the trail. The only other guy out was busy whipper snippering so I didn't bother him.

Looking closely at the main private property sign it emphasises motorised bikes and that it's private land to the river.

As for the trail, I would advise against riding single speed, it's really sandy and rocky/rutted in places where it's been torn up by vehicles.

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