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CareFlight Woodford to Glenbrook Classic 2014

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By DocMar - Posted on 29 June 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Well what a day. I set myself 3 goals for this event, 1. Start the race incident free, 2. Finish the race unbroken and bike in good shape and 3. Don't come last.

This was my first official race since starting up MTBing in Mar 2014, and last time I did something like this was on motocross bike a decade or so ago. I tookup MTBing to get some fitness and to clean/clear the lungs of 38yrs of smoking and more than happy with the result. If nothing else this will give me a basis to start with.

This morning was Very bloody cold in Woodford and very very windy. The locals where awaiting snow, and yes it was that cold. My day started at 0415 and I made my way up the mountain. After going to the toilet @6 times to expell the nice warm coffee on site, I moved to my group (E 40-49) to prep for the race. All was good and then the race was delayed momentarily due to a tree over the track and awaited for clearance.

So the time recorded on my Strava is not the actual race time. I just couldn't be stuffed placing the App on pause. As the groups moved forward and started, It was our turn, and the gun went off and the scramble up the hill was a lot of push and shove, a little out there.

The first 10km was a killer and most of the time I walked up the hills, like most of the others, due to just to steep. Billy Goat country. On the down hill, well that was good and the speed just got faster and clocked speeds of 54km in parts and hanging on for grim death. LOL. as track got more level but still down hill, I was passed by some juniors and another couple of guys. This was about 9km to go.

with them passing like that, I put the foot down and got a good pace going to a point I caught them and passed them with 4 to go. Did a gut run for the last 2 and came into the last major corner where the peanut gallery was and powered down to the finish. At the end was a bit of a dog leg to the left and over the line.

Overall was happy with the outcome and hit all my goals. Only bad thing was I lost my Sigma speed/distance and cadence metre at the end of the day during drop off at Glenbrook station. Enjoy the metre who ever got it (mount and all).

I hung around long enough to see the first 25 runners including the the first 5 women runners. A little Japanese guy won the run and he was battered up from falling.

Overall a great day and I raised $400 of $2000 limit I was chasing. Will be back next year with a bit more ready and experience.

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Well done on your first race. Next years goal, Ride all the climbs Eye-wink

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I'm a late comer to Mtb and was looking for more rides like this one to cut y teeth on. Maybe a little further but not too technical?Does anyone have a suggestions or comments about the convict ride?

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Hey mate
Not many peeps will look at a response to a blog for a race that finished months ago and outside of Sydney metro
Better to start a thread on the subject and you'll get heaps of help
Just go to 'create forum topic' and it's easy from there

I don't have any help specific to your question, but plenty here who will Smiling

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